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  1. sunndreamm

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    So I've heard a bit about the Acer A500. I work at the Source so I hear a lot about all the new technology coming out and get to see all the new phones before they launch. But I only heard about the Acer A500 tablet about two weeks ago and it launched back in April?! Madness! I only have my eye on the A500 cause it's a perfect size, it's fast, it has a fricken USB port!, and it's a great price.

    I am picking it up on Friday and I just want to know: what tablet do you have? What do you use it for? Do you find it powerful enough? Tell me your thoughts!

    Also, if you have any suggestions for apps (other than the obvious, I'm not that big of a n00b) to download, let me know! I'd love some insight from the pros!

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