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take me away dark side

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  1. c4pt x

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    Jun 25, 2010
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    I am seriously tired of my iphone, after bearing it for the last 3 years I want something different. not event the iphone 4 justified any reason for me to sign another 2-yr contract with att. yea it looked nice but it just felt like a complete rehash. I have been playing with my dad's evo for the last week and have to say i am immediately hooked. i love the android os, the speed, the display everything! besides the battery life... but whatever i need a new phone. I was soooooo close to getting a evo, but after hearing about the droid x i might hold off. I hate att! i will even pay the early termination fee to have a sexy droid. first off the incredible is on backorder until the 17th. the droid x comes out on the 15th. why would i wait a extra 2 days to get a lesser phone for the same price?! i want a droid x where is the dotted line?????


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