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  1. pwalt

    pwalt Well-Known Member

    I've looked and looked and looked. I want to be able to take notes on a PDF. (Not actually change the PDF.)

    There are quite a few programs out there that will let me highlight and underline existing text.

    After that there are a couple of programs that will let me draw on the PDF (circles, lines, etc). There's one that will go so far as to allow freehand drawing even.

    But it seems none of them seem to allow the addition of text boxes.

    Tomorrow morning I'm going to a presentation (as a participant). They have provided a 28 page PDF of the slides. Instead of printing the slides and taking notes on them I would like to follow along with the presentation on my tablet and take notes on the PDF directly. I don't want to edit the text already there, I don't want my text to fall in line or in formatting with the document ... I just want to "take notes" on the PDF.

    Of course, I then want to save it for future reference.

    Is there anything out there I've missed? Developers ... help?

  2. pwalt

    pwalt Well-Known Member

    Nothing like breaking down and asking a question for the answer to present itself! :rolleyes:

    QPDF ... https://market.android.com/details?id=com.qoppa.activities.viewer&feature=more_from_developer

    On my first download it didn't do any of the editing processes it promised ... then I realized I downloaded the "Viewer"!! Yes ... another one of those famed ID-10-T errors!

    The full app is pricey at $15 ... but it seems like it will do exactly as promised. (so far I've only done the evaluation program ... which doesn't allow saves)

    I bought my tablet for three purposes ... this fulfills the third!! And now my tablet world is complete!
  3. rbasusparky

    rbasusparky Well-Known Member

    I have "ezPDF Reader" (Unidocs, Inc.) but I haven't used this feature yet:

    "Android's First Text Box on PDF. Taking a note? But, the sticky note feature is not convenient. Use Text Box to type in a memo. The content stays on PDF. You may change the dimension of text box, move around, and change text size & color"

    Will this work for you?
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  4. pwalt

    pwalt Well-Known Member

    I tried ezPDF ... but it didn't have the text box feature at that point ... guess they've added it!

    ... and of course I've already pulled the trigger on QPDF ... and it's beyond the 15 minute return period.

    Ah well ...

    Thanks anyway!
  5. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    If you purchased that app I would be interested to know:
    Do you see your changes in a PDF doc also on your PC with the Adobe Reader?

    I use the Repligo app which can a lot of annotations but can't put a text box in a PDF doc.
    But all annotations are to see with Adobe Reader at the PC.
    So it would be interesting to know whether QPDF can do this.
    Thank you.


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