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take off parental controls with rooted phone

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  1. sonyrules09

    sonyrules09 New Member

    I have a droid Eris and I have parental controls on it. During school hours I can't text anybody due to the parental controls. If I root my phone is there anyway around that? Or is there anyway around it without rooting my phone?

  2. droidkevlar

    droidkevlar Well-Known Member

    Even if you were able to do this, all your parents have to do is look at the bill and see you are texting when you are not supposed to. Maybe there is a reason you shouldnt be texting during school, like maybe you're supposed to be learning :p
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  3. sonyrules09

    sonyrules09 New Member

    So is it not possible to do?
  4. buff12db

    buff12db Well-Known Member

  5. funkyfender

    funkyfender Well-Known Member

    Probably could do a work around with Google Voice. Personally, I'd talk to my parents about removing the block. Maybe ask them to remove that block for a quarter/semester and if your grades don't drop have them leave it off.

    In the end though, they (probably) pay the bill so it's their choice.
  6. dracozny

    dracozny Well-Known Member

    parents do things with good intentions, by circumventing the parental controls you are proving to your parents that you cannot be trusted. if you want to be able to txt during school hours I suggest you talk to your parents about it. and some good advice from another parent:
    if you get these privileges, do not txt while in class. save it for lunch/break. this will keep your head in the books and will also show your teachers some respect.
    we were all kids once, we know that we would rather be doing other more fun things than school.
    I can give you plenty more wisdoms I've learned over the years but some of them get rather preachy ;)
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  7. pkopalek

    pkopalek Well-Known Member

    This is not a forum for moral discussion or telling someone what their parents should or shouldn't control in their life. This is about android phones. Thank you for staying ON TOPIC.

    This is a question as to the technical capability of the phone, not as to whether it is OK to circumvent parental controls.

    sonyrules09, only with Google Voice, could you really accomplish this. Find someone with a Voice invite (I wish I had one) and get a Voice account. You can text using that phone number instead.

    The parental controls are administered through Verizon, not through your phone in any way. You could text with your e-mail address. That would work. For example, to text a verizon phone, it's 5555555555@vtext.com, and they can reply right to your email address too. That's one solution (Gmail works perfectly fine for this).

    Just be aware that when you send them a text, that anything more than ~140 characters won't show up! And when you reply to them, make sure you delete their message if it adds a copy of it (you'll be way over 140 characters!).

    Good luck!
  8. LiverpoolsNo9

    LiverpoolsNo9 Well-Known Member

    You're not setting a very good example there Paul....lol.

    I'm sure his parents have set this restriction for good reason. Like for him to focus, or not get suspended, or have his phone confiscated.
  9. dracozny

    dracozny Well-Known Member

    if it were 100% true that we do not talk about moral discussion than bring on the warez. I'm not trying to start an argument here but I feel the same rules apply, the topic is about circumventing policies/rules. whether it be from a dev, verizon, or his parents.
  10. edgeupgx

    edgeupgx Well-Known Member

    Curious to what they can block with parental controls is the data blocked during this time? If not you may be able to download one of the texting apps in the market I know there were some that sent and received texts via data instead of using standard text messaging as far as root doing this I do not know.
  11. pkopalek

    pkopalek Well-Known Member

    I'm sure. But that's not our battle, here. I am a child of the un-patrolled, unfiltered internet growing up, talking in strange chat rooms and going to strange web sites. My parents, besides understanding 'Nintendo' and 'Computer' as terms for what I'm doing with my time in front of a screen, understood literally none of that.

    I am an advocate for 100% laissez faire parenting. You've taught your children what they need to know, instilled in them the best values you can, and shown them their opportunities. No grounding. No curfews. No restrictions. Just disapproval or approval, and positive or negative reinforcement.

    So neither here nor there, his question doesn't say that HIS parents restricted his phone, or that he didn't put them on himself. For all we know, hypothetically, he could have put the restrictions on himself, for testing, and wants to see how easy or hard it is for his own kids to circumvent the security. That's probably not the case, but why is it our place to decide whether it is or not, or to worry about that? Not in this forum. It's about android phones. And my answer to him involved concisely and only that.

    Warez is illegal. See the last paragraph I wrote to LivepoolsNo9. You don't know that he's circumventing anything. He's asking about the technical capability of his phone, and it has nothing to do with illegality or breaking with rules or policies. How his parents want to parent (even if poorly) is not our concern here, if that even is what's going on.

    Posts like this are what make it a waste of time for a newbie to 'search' for an answer to the question, like someone might tomorrow, next week, or next year. They'll have to sift through posts about whether his question is OK to ask, based on no rules, laws, or policies anywhere. It's a large part of the reason for having between 7 and 30 threads for every single topic.
  12. dracozny

    dracozny Well-Known Member

    I can pick this apart 10 ways from sunday but its not worth anyones time, so I will just say we agree to disagree.
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