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Take screen shot on android 4.0.4Tips

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    HSRBNR Active Member

    I thought the screen shot feature was skipped on our devices in ICS update. But I came to know it is possible to take screen shots on our phone.

    Its simple, just hold Volume down and power button simultaneously for about 2 seconds

    For examples see the attachments...

    Attached Files:

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  2. malayo

    malayo Active Member

    didn't know it had to be 2 seconds
  3. imi51amravati

    imi51amravati New Member

  4. putra83

    putra83 New Member

    How about note?
  5. pvpatel

    pvpatel New Member

    Hey dude my mobile has not working in screenshot,i tried more n more
    hold volume down n power button
  6. dk98classic

    dk98classic New Member

    Thank you! Works for me! Love my Ion. Just wish it had gorilla glass. Scratch proof my a$$.
  7. ramjai2007

    ramjai2007 Member

    pvpatel, hold the both(Power & Volume down) buttons simultaneously, not one after another. I too had this difficuly b4. Hope this would help
  8. FirebirdStud

    FirebirdStud Well-Known Member

    Power and volume down are not working for me. ???

    I am unable to take a screenshot.
  9. cerfus

    cerfus New Member

    I have a Samsung I9100 (Galaxy S2) // Android 4.0.4

    For that particular device it's the power button and home button for ~1sec

    You should see an animation and an icon on the notification area that will take you directly to the screenshot you just took.

    Hope this helps.

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  10. FirebirdStud

    FirebirdStud Well-Known Member

    yup, they did change it on us. That was sneaky.
  11. JaneenM

    JaneenM Member

    Thanks for this! I was going crazy because I upgraded to 4.0.4 and the volume/power button were no longer working. I found you have to hold the power button a certain way - like right in the middle for it to work. Otherwise it brings up the task manager.
  12. kirilfogel

    kirilfogel New Member

    thanks man
  13. sur728

    sur728 New Member

    Thank u boss i ws searching for it..............
    thanx alot
  14. shariarkuasa

    shariarkuasa New Member

    A Complete guide for how to take screenshot on android getandroidstuff.com/how-to-take-screenshot-on-android/
  15. agammal

    agammal New Member

    Hello, my first time on a forum so I apologize for any incompetence.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE, android version 4.1.2, model number SGH-I727R
    I just updated to this andriod version, and before the update I had no problem holding the home&power key to take a screenshot.
    Now however, I am not able to take a screenshot/screen capture. I have tried holding the home/power key, home/volume down key, and power/volume down key but nothing works. I have tried short and long durations, as well as pressing one button a microseconds before engaging the other button.

    I really don't feel like doing a factory reset as I just did one less than a week ago. Any help would be much appreciated, as I have already exhausted most help from reading other threads.

  16. niravkhichadiya

    niravkhichadiya New Member

    Thank You dude, but i have another question about the 4.0.4 recently i have upgrade my system but kernel version are upgraded so give me advise about how to upgrade my whole system

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