Support Takes ages loading pictures into gallery

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fv1620, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. On my Viewpad 7 I have loaded several thousand images into 6 separate folders.

    They are there ok & can be viewed. The problem is that even if I want to view just one folder the Viewpad may go on for 10-15 minutes loading all the images.

    This is a terrible waste of time especially if I only want to look in just one folder.

    Is there some way or app available that I can discipline the viewer to just look at one folder at a time?

    Is the issue because they are in the card rather than the Viewpad itself that it has to 'read' it each time. Although if it is I don't know the point of the card!

    Many thanks


  2. Well I've found QuickPic which is brilliant. It now only loads a folder that I want to look in whereas Gallery loads the lot & after 10 minutes of loading I would just give up.

    QuickPic shows me that I so far have 9 folders with a total of 6,000 pictures, which I can now view easily & quickly. I was getting quite depressed with Gallery!

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