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    Android phones are so flexible. And the "mod-ability" of the phone with lockscreens, widgets, themes and live wallpapers certainty makes your Xperia X8 a thing of beauty.

    Want to share your lockscreens and homescreens with this us on this forum?

    Here is how you can do it:

    Oops!!! Forgot to mention...
    Your phone MUST be ROOTED to use these apps Apologies - :)


    Step 1a: Download and install the app ScreenShot by Giksoft from Android Market
    Step 1b: Download and install the app ShootMe by Giksoft from Android Market

    Direct Download Option
    A: ScreenShot <-- here
    B: ShootMe <-- works in a similar way to ScreenShot

    When you launch ScreenShot you will see the UI
    <5 seconds> - this delays your screenshot for you to choose the correct screen on you phone before the app takes a picture
    <Take ScreenShot> this is the button to <click> to take the screenshots

    Under Options
    <Shake the phone to take a screenshot> this option allows you time to choose the phone screen and then shake the phone to take a ScreenShot.
    <Invert Red and Blue colors> self explanatory :)
    <save as Png> picture format options the app saves your screenshots
    The app save your screenshots to </SD/screenshot> folder

    Step 2: Launch <ScreenShot>
    - <choose the time delay> OR
    - <choose the Shake the phone to take a screenshot>
    - go to the screen within the time delay OR <shake the phone>
    - a camera click will sound and a screenshot <.png is the default format> will be saved on your SD Card

    Step 3: To Retrieve Your Screenshots
    - <mount> your Xperia X8
    - <click><screenshot> folder and copy out your .PNG files

    Step 4: Post your Xperia X8 Screen Grabs to rosered's post - Show Us Your Homescreens X8
    - <upload> your pictures.png to a picture host site (e.g. ImageShack)
    - <copy> url link to clipboard
    - <click> Show Us Your Homescreens thread in this forum
    - <type> in the <Quick Reply> box
    - <click> the <Insert Image> icon on the tool bar
    - <paste> your <url link> to your Screenshots
    - <click> Post Quick Reply

    And that's it - you beautiful Homescreens in full HQ glory for us to admire :)

    Cheers :)

    Do or Do Not... there is no Try - Yoda

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