taking videos off of evo shift

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  1. cpin1992

    cpin1992 New Member

    I just bought an EVO Shift and I was extatic at the fact that I could now shoot 720p HD video right from my phone which was a huge step up from the grainy low-res video that my old phone could shoot.

    But once i shot a video i went to go and watch it on my laptop, only to hear now audio from the video. the video itself played and looked great, but i couldn't figure out why i wasnt hearing any sound from the video.

    Any ideas why and advice on how to fix the problem would be greatly appreciated.

  2. sajmonides

    sajmonides Well-Known Member

    What are you using to play the videos on your laptop? If you're using windows media player, there will be no sound. Try using quicktime and you should have your sound back.
  3. chili_w

    chili_w Member

    I am trying to figure this out on the regular evo and think there are certain codecs that have to be installed but am trying to make sure first..anyone else know for certain???

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