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  1. roadster

    roadster Well-Known Member

    As I am trying to figure out and hoping that someone can direct to, or know if. Is there a talk, answer button that can be pressed , rather than slide?

    This is unsafe while driving to try to answer, if one does not want to go the route of a bluetooth.

    I as well would love to know if they make a wired handsfree set that you can push on the wire to talk. we know we can mute. and end call, but not answer.

  2. zefie

    zefie Well-Known Member

    The end call button on a wired headset should also answer.
  3. roadster

    roadster Well-Known Member

    Thank you. I have a wired samsung moments Headset, it did not answer the call, scratch that one. I guess i am awaiting one from a supplier its may be capatable. and answer/end

    Brand/model: BlackBerry HDW-17906-003

    LG Optimus S
    LG Optimus T
    it's on the list of a workable wired set? lets cross our fingers?

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