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  1. unkledude

    unkledude Well-Known Member

    Hello all,
    Pa has just made it illegal to text and drive. I agree that it's a no no. I there an app( from Sprint ) that is a hands free talk to text application just using the phone? And how do you apply it?


  2. shiv81

    shiv81 Well-Known Member

    Download Vlingo from the Play Store. It'll guide you through everything when you first start it up. There is a car feature that is pretty popular.
  3. scanman

    scanman Well-Known Member

    I use the "In"Car" feature of Vlongo and it works pretty well. It does have issues at times but 90% of the time works very well.
  4. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    I used to use Vlingo before, but it became less accurate for me as time went on. Do you guys know if Vlingo supports A2DP Bluetooth, so you could talk-to-text using a bluetooth headset with A2DP?
  5. Seanjohn2239

    Seanjohn2239 Well-Known Member

    It works great i like it
  6. unkledude

    unkledude Well-Known Member

    Thanx for the ideas. I have decided to go with clinging after trying quite a few.
  7. scanman

    scanman Well-Known Member

    Yes, Vlingo supports the A2DP Bluetooth. You just need to be patient when using it; there will be a small connection lag followed by the connect sound (very quiet though).
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