"Talkforgood" <- Verizon MVNO reviews?

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  1. Creakyknees

    Creakyknees Member

    Did a search, can't find any reference to this carrier, running MVNO on Verizon. Plans look pretty good but does anyone know about quality of service?

    Is it true that all/most MVNO's have degraded service levels, more dropped calls, etc?


  2. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    The thing with MVNO's or other prepaid carriers is that you lose the ability to roam on other towers that aren't owned by the main carrier, but aren't charged because they have a licencing deal in place. There are plenty of times when on Verizon you see normal service, but aren't actually using a Verizon tower. If on prepaid, you wouldn't be able to use that tower. That's why most of the main carriers have two coverage maps, one for postpaid and one for prepaid. Should give those a look and see how your area is covered before deciding.
  3. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones New Member

    I've heard that TalkForGood has the same coverage as Verizon retail postpaid customers. Not seeing any complaints about network quality like for PP.

    I'm going to tryout one of their low cost plans to see how it works. Worth a try for $10 if you have an extra VZ phone.

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