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  1. cloudburst

    cloudburst New Member

    Test my free Android game, make a few bucks!

    Hi, I've developed an app similar to my iPhone version. I'm looking for testers for this fresh Android new app to fix any glaring bugs. The app is in the market and here is the link via the web. $3.00 to the first 30 respondents... let's hear your news, good or bad!

    Please post:

    • your PayPal email (email me privately)..
    • your device make and model
    • does it open?
    • is the audio mimic too "hard of hearing" or too "sensitive" - or "just right"
    • any other bugs

    Have a great day!

    Ron & Jatin

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  2. mamouton

    mamouton New Member

    I just downloaded your app. I have a Samsung 4gTouch. The app opens I think it is a little hard of hearing. I also notice that the screen will shut off while you are talking to the dog.

    If I leave it open while screen is off it will freeze the app up.
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  3. dctester

    dctester New Member

    Hello, I downloaded your app on an LG Thrive (same as earlier Phoenix model). I was surprised at how long the download and installation took...some 3 or 4 minutes. I was able to execute each of the built in activities (throw bone, leash, etc.) without a problem, and these are cute. It was not apparent from the "home" screen how to talk to the dog. I selected the information icon (which I think could be moved to lower right corner so it stands out against the background graphic better), and found the instructions to touch head, belly, feet, but still nothing about how to talk to the dog or "adopt" it. The head and belly responses worked fine, but when I touched the feet the app froze and I had to force close it. I then made two or three attempts to re-open it, but it never re-opened after that. Never got to test the voice portion of the app. Also, the volume of the media clips seemed to differ from activity to activity. Overall though, it's a sweet little dog and amusing.
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  4. rice923

    rice923 New Member

    Device Make and Model: Samsung Droid Charge (all stock)

    The app opens up just fine. The audio mimic is just right in my opinion. However, the cyclical operation of the mic turning on and off is very noticeable in the audio mimic. The motion of the dog is rather twitchy, but it's nothing less than what I'd expect from an app of this nature (or it could be my phone being a bit old).

    I pressed on the info button and pressed "adopt." The app became unresponsive, so I pressed the back hardware key. It flashed back to the dog briefly, and force closed on me afterward. I tried to open the app again, and it became very slow. Once I clicked the info button again, the app force closed again.
  5. Lennatron

    Lennatron Well-Known Member

    Hi, I have the Acer Iconia A100 running Android 4.0.3 and the Play Store says its incompatible. I'd love to try the game but I understand if you want to try and support the most common deices first :)
  6. raminjpr

    raminjpr New Member

    URL not found, The link is showing error...kindly upload the app here, so that we could test and give our suggestions

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