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  1. domdepo

    domdepo Active Member

    Video works completely fine and the person on the other end can hear me fine but I cannot hear them if i do it comes in and then goes out almost instantly.

  2. Odinist

    Odinist Well-Known Member

    Same issue here.

    Tried a handful of Tango calls yesterday. Some between me and two different friends with Evos, and then some really good testing with a friend with a TBolt.

    We tried the TBolts with one of us in 3G, and the other in 4G. Tried with both of us in 4G. Tried with one of us in 4G and the other in WiFi. And finally, tried with us both on WiFi. Same problem every time. Video's pretty good for the most part, but the voice sucks. One person can talk and be heard okay, the other person's voice doesn't transmit.

    We also tried Qik, and have fairly similar results (not exact same issues, but similar enough that I don't know if it's the phone or the apps).

    Wonder if this has anything to do with why Skype wasn't there at launch...
  3. domdepo

    domdepo Active Member

    I was reading on another forum saw one person say they had same problem and another saying tango works fine?

    Dont get me wrong I LOVE my phone but this is frustrating because it something I intended to use.
  4. prerunnerseth

    prerunnerseth Well-Known Member

    I used Tango in a video chat with my friend yesterday. He is on an Iphone4 and it worked beautifully. I was on Wifi since I do not have 4G in my area.
  5. Odinist

    Odinist Well-Known Member


    Anyone else?
  6. Prosdo

    Prosdo Well-Known Member

    I tried it yesterday when I called my sister. We could see each other fine, but we could barely hear each other and there was lots of static.
  7. Knewz

    Knewz Well-Known Member

    tango audio is poor. the other vchat apps like oovoo and fring have great audio, but no accesd to the ffc.
  8. PhunkTastic

    PhunkTastic Active Member

    Tried it yesterday and video was okay.

    Audio was useless we gave up and just called regular voice. I was on wifi, friend was on 3G
  9. Prosdo

    Prosdo Well-Known Member

    So what app was access to FFC and good audio?
  10. Mayimbe007

    Mayimbe007 Member

    Tried it out a couple of times yesterday with mixed results. Tried it from my TB to an Evo 4g, Droid X, and Iphone 4. The audio would cut out in the middle of speaking but then fix itself.
  11. matt81

    matt81 New Member

    I'm also having this issue. My wife and i both have thunderbolts and when we try to use tango we get this horrible screeching crackling and sometimes no audio. However when i tango my friends on there iphones i can hear them just fine but hey report they cant hear me well.
  12. Bert336

    Bert336 Well-Known Member

    same here... can we submit this problem somehow to the Tango guys? i would love to use their app better than Skype.
  13. primetime1267

    primetime1267 New Member

    I an experiencing the exact same issue with my TB callingmy wife on her of Droid. We hear nothingbut static and clicking noises. But the video quality is really good though, LOL.
  14. riosgeovanny

    riosgeovanny Well-Known Member

    Same problem here. I tryd tango wit 2 other TB here at home. U can never here the caller
  15. Randall@Tango

    Randall@Tango Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    We are aware of the audio issues that are occurring on the HTC Thunderbolt. Our engineers are working hard on hoping to fix this issue soon.

    For optimal performance, please try adjusting the volume on the device to 1 click below the maximum level. This should greatly reduce some of the audio feedback you guys are having.

    Another temporary solution to this issue is to use a headset while making Tango calls.

    Rest assured we're not finished and are working very hard to keep improving sound quality.

    Stay tuned! ;)
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  16. Dobieg

    Dobieg Well-Known Member

    Nice to know we're being heard. Thanks for the info Randall!
  17. matt29707

    matt29707 Member

    Thank you thank you thankyou Randall for looking up this post and responding. It means a lot especially considering tango I afree application. Thanks for keeping us in the loop and I look toward to the updated version of tango.
  18. WuBoy

    WuBoy Well-Known Member

    How do you use a headset with Tango calls? My wife tried and it still came out of the speaker instead.

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