Tap'em is released! - arcade style tapping action

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  1. Tap'em

    Tap’em is a fast paced arcade game that requires lightning fast reflexes as you attempt to tap away the spheres as quickly as possible. Looking for an additional challenge? The unlockable Pattern mode takes things to an all new level. Think you have what it takes? Download the game today and see how many spheres you can clear!

    *4 unique game types
    *2 timed modes
    *Unlockable content
    *High scores page
    *Different backgrounds to choose from
    *Sound effects (including an option for muting sound)

    pecial introductory price - $.99!
    On an Android device? Click below to download now.
    Download Tap'em from the Android Market



    YouTube - Tap'em - Android arcade game

    Visit our website for more information on our Tap'em Android game. We look forward to hearing your comments and ideas for future updates!


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