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  1. daffyducknj

    daffyducknj Well-Known Member

    I do realize the use of app killers is generally not recommended with most versions of Android from 2.2 on up.

    However, as I'm not rooted, and was tired of the random reboots, I decided to resurrect one I used before. I'm currently using Advanced Task Killer Pro. I used this with my older LG Optimus V when it was running stock Froyo on the phone. It's been since reworked for Jelly Bean, so I decided to give this a try. So far, it's greatly reduced random reboots for me. I am careful to adjust it, so the app doesn't kill/force close system functions, or apps that I need to absolutely have running in the background.

    I have it set up in "Crazy" mode, which kills every app that is taking up memory, even ones that aren't directly running except for one that is actually in use. It seems to work well for me this way. I usually get back around 140-150 MB of system memory. I set the Auto Kill to free up memory every 30 minutes. That's more than enough time for some apps to partly come back on if needed before Auto Kill does its thing again. (At least it is on my phone.)

    I'm beginning to think that the random reboots are caused by having too many apps in the background that are tweaked to receive a lot of notifications. Perhaps if one has too many of these apps, I guess. I've tried consolidating some apps, like going from using facebook and twitter separately, to using hootsuite (which gets feeds from both sites and a few others). I've also eliminated some apps, like Chrome, which was too bloated and slow for me.

  2. AndroidHaCks

    AndroidHaCks Well-Known Member Contributor

    Random reboots are cause by having too many apps running in the backgroumd (using up all your RAM) But you dont need a task killer. All you need to do is back out of apps instead of using the home button, or is youre in the browser just close all the tabs. Also stop apps using the multitasking menu by swiping them left or right
  3. sneaky_1

    sneaky_1 Well-Known Member

    It could help to use 'app quarantine' if your rooted, and freeze all the apps you don't use. There is a continuing thread that has a list of safe to remove or freeze apps. I like freezing because if you run into issues you can just unfreeze them. Freezing stops the app from running, some apps can be disabled/frozen from the settings/app manager too.

    My Rise normally has about 70-100mb free on my memory widget (same with my elite). I have had no issues with rebooting. ICS can handle some background apps and cached apps fine. So I doubt 'free memory' has anything to do with reboots, or every single android phone would be rebooting every several hours, as the minority of end users watch/manage free memory. I have heard issues with the Chrome app causing reboots in the comments.
  4. AndroidHaCks

    AndroidHaCks Well-Known Member Contributor

    i usually have close to 200mb free..
  5. sneaky_1

    sneaky_1 Well-Known Member

    That's after a day of use and no killing. I was just posting observations on free ram and reboots, meaning I run the ram loaded but no reboots. Sometimes I'll 'kill all' at night and it will jump up to 190ish then put it on the charger.
  6. Sinner67

    Sinner67 Well-Known Member

    Wow, how are you getting that much memory free? Best I can do is about 80mb.
  7. daffyducknj

    daffyducknj Well-Known Member

    So far this seems to be working for me. No more task killers. The phone still slows down a bit at times, and it's randomly rebooted just twice since I asked about this a couple of weeks ago. That's better, compared to randomly rebooting about every 2 days. I've had this phone about a month and a half now.

    I've also tried lengthening the amount of time that some apps need to refresh for online info. On most, I go for about 4-6 hours between refreshes. The email client the phone comes with can only go for an hour at the longest. If anyone has a suggestion for an email client that can go longer than a couple of hours between autoupdates, I'd love to know which one I can use that can do it for me.

    I get around 100-140 mb free after a bootup, and letting it settle for about two minutes. I have 69 apps, and about half evenly split between internal storage, and SD card storage.

    And no, I'm still not rooted, though I'm sort of beginning to consider it. (The egl tweaks alone are enough to make me sit on the fence...) Is it possible to UNroot this phone anyhow, or would I be stuck with root if I had it done?
  8. db2

    db2 Well-Known Member

    Study the rooting script, you can unroot by basically doing it in reverse.
  9. sneaky_1

    sneaky_1 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure of the settings, but K-9 Mail is one of the more popular email apps out.

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