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  1. pvdiamon

    pvdiamon Well-Known Member

    I used to long press the home icon to bring up task manager. What happened to that, no longer available after upgrade today?

  2. 13ilgal

    13ilgal Well-Known Member

    On mine, I press the key to the right of the Home button (looks like two overlapping rectangles) and the most recent apps list pops up. There is an option at the bottom of the list to go to the Task Manager, or to Remove All.

    Hope this helps! :)

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  3. pvdiamon

    pvdiamon Well-Known Member

    Using the new method, a warning comes up cautioning about forcing close a program. I guess they really discourage it.
  4. EdIsenberg

    EdIsenberg New Member

    13ilgal & others: Thanks for your effort but giving answers that rely on the position of the buttons or even the symbols on them is unhelpful because different devices running different O.S. versions have different buttons & symbols. My LG G4 running 5.0 has soft buttons where there is a central circle taking you "home," a leftward arrow signifying "back," and a box on the right means recent apps list.

    There isn't an option to run Task Manager. What I most want is an app that shows how many tasks are running and gives me the ability to close any or all of them.
  5. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    You're worrying about this stuff too much. There's no need to close apps, clear memory or handle system processes manually. Android does all that automatically and efficiently.

    IOW, don't micromanage your phone. Don't install software that attempts to either. Let Android handle things as intended. It will automatically optimize operation if you let it.

    Don't worry be happy. Relax and enjoy simply using your phone.
  6. EdIsenberg

    EdIsenberg New Member

    If true Jellybean would be the 1st Android version to do so. My experience is that sometimes Android leaves unnecessary processes going and often leaves entire apps running. One of the worst problems is Camera, because it's often left going and because it is such a huge memory & battery hog.
  7. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    It's true. I never give processes, running apps, none of that a thought.

    Using your Camera example, I open it, it runs, shoots a photo if I want. I then tap the Home key, as to open another app. Note I don't close Camera, I just tap Home. I open the handy System Panel app to see what Camera is doing.

    Well, it's not doing much of anything. It's sitting in RAM, cached as process-only. In that state Camera is using virtually no CPU cycles or power. It's basically sleeping, ready to roll out of RAM bed should I call it back to action.

    IOW, Camera is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.

    Camera is not hogging battery at all. And it doesn't matter if it's taking up RAM. In fact, it's supposed to be taking up RAM. If Android needs RAM for something else, it will kick Camera out automatically.

    IOW, all is well. Android doesn't need me mucking around. It's got this.

    Now...what problem are you having?
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