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  1. b3bergy

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    I've only been using Tasker for a few months but so far I've been able to use Tasker for anything I've come up with except for following scenario.
    We have some Home Automation installed in our house and there a few things I'd like to have happen prior to an alarm clock going off. If it was as simple as myself using this, I could calculate in and set the Profile X amount of time before I wanted the alarm to go off, but I need a simple way for the wife to set her alarm time (to her actual wake time) and Tasker to calculate to a set amount of time before that to start some of the automation to happen.
    I've tried a few different ways but nothing so far, works correctly.

  2. Thom

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    Welcome to Android Forums.

    Need more information. Can you give an example of what you have tried?

    ... Thom
  3. b3bergy

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    I've Created 2 Scenes for an Alarm Clock. 1 includes Buttons for inputting mine and my wife's time ( call them Variables Time1 and Time2) , On or off for each. the other Scene has the snooze and off. Our Profiles pull in a variable ( PreTime1 and Pretime2) to set the time for each Profile to run the a Task. The Task operate Home Controls with the appropriate wait commands between each phase and a wait time calculated in before running the Alarm Clock Scene. I've been trying to use a Task to subtract time from Variables Time1 & Time2 to setup Variables PreTime1 & PreTime2 for the Profiles. I can change the Variable back to an Exact Hour time ( 1:00) but not to (1:15 or any other time that is not on the hour).

    Hopefully this is more clear.

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