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Task Widget Not WorkingSupport

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  1. gish

    gish Member

    I can't add HTCs task widget to my home screen. It doesn't show up at all. My phone isn't rooted, and I've only had it a couple days. Is this happening to anyone else?

  2. gish

    gish Member

    I'm sorry to have to repost, but I've noticed that more than just that one widget isn't working. I really need to know whether other people are having this problem, because if not, I got a bad phone and I need to return it before the two weeks are up. Is the task or other widgets not working for everybody, or did I get a lemon?
  3. TeaArra

    TeaArra Member

    I've never been able to add the Tasks widget but haven't had problems with any others.
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  4. gish

    gish Member

    Thanks! I'm trying to work with Verizon on this, but the first thing they suggested was to pull the battery (can't remove battery on this phone) so I'm not too hopeful. The smallest music widget isn't working for me either...

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