Tasker activating when have 1 context actived

  1. pedrogelli

    pedrogelli New Member

    hello, I'm very frustrated, the tasker activating this one of my tasks even when they only have one context is active of various contexts.

    Eg. i have time, date, cell tower and USB connected in a task and this task is getting activated even when i have just one of theses contexts. it should enable the task only when all settings are available, right? I really need help, dont know if it is something about settings i dont know. :/
    I'm using Omega ROM v43.2 4.1.2 - XXEMC2

    Thanks in advance! See you!

    Sorry for my english.

  2. electricpete

    electricpete Well-Known Member

    Correct ..the task should go active only when all associated contexts are satisfied. (note the word enable is used for something a littled ifferent)

    Maybe you can post your profile and explain how you determined that the task activated.

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