Tasker and SMS Backup+ and Juice Defender

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  1. pfarmer

    pfarmer Member

    I'm trying to figure out how to use Tasker to automate a function available from SMS Backup+.

    SMS Backup+ sends me email messages from my phone and SMS/MMS logs. The way it works is that on a periodic basis (every 30 min, 1 hr, 2 hrs, etc., as specified in program settings) it checks for new information in my phone log or SMS log and sends me an email message with info on each new entry. I like this because it allows me to have a complete contact history (email, phone, SMS) in my Gmail account.

    But -- I'd like it to post new entries immediately, instead of on a schedule. One reason for this is that I use Juice Defender to save battery life. More times than not, the phone screen, and hence connectivity, are turned off when the SMS Backup+ schedule kicks in. Hence, nothing gets sent until connectivity HAPPENS to be enabled when the schedule is invoked. (Within SMS Backup+ you can set incoming SMS to post 1 minute after completion, but not phone calls or outgoing SMS messages.)

    SMS Backup+ has third-party integration with Tasker, but I'm not at all clear on how it works. If I select the Action Category "3rd Party" and then choose ""SMS Backup+" from the list of enabled 3rd party actions, I get a screen that allows me to specify an "If" option and a label, but I don't see any program actions listed, nor a place to insert a command.

    SMS Backup+'s documentation says I can "send the broadcast intent com.zegoggles.smssync.BACKUP." How can I have Tasker do this -- triggered, say, by my sending or receiving an SMS or a phone call? How do I work that into a script?

    Presumably I can use Tasker to disable JuiceDefender immediately before "sending the broadcast intent," and then r-enable JuiceDefender after a minute or so. And then all will be well with the world (until I think of something else to futz with).

  2. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Well-Known Member

    It looks like SMS Backup+ forgot to add any commands to their Tasker integration. NewsRob has a command field.
  3. pfarmer

    pfarmer Member

    Ha! With experimentation, I've answered my own question.

    The SMS Backup+ integration doesn't provide a *set* of commands that can be invoked by Tasker. But it apparently provides one default command: Backup. So if when writing a Tasker task, you select the Action Category "3rd Party" and then choose ""SMS Backup+", SMS Backup+ will perform a backup (i.e. it will post mail messages for anything new in the phone or SMS logs).

    And I've figured out how to make this work with JuiceDefender.

    The task looks like this:
    1. JD APN: Enable APNs (set JuiceDefender to enable connectivity)
    2. SMS BACKUP+ (post new phone or SMS logs to email)
    3. Wait 1 minute
    4. JD APN: Disable APNs (set JuiceDefender to disable connectivity)

    I have 4 profiles to trigger this task:
    1. SMS success
    2. Received text
    3. Phone offhook
    4. Missed call

    Note: For this to operate, "Third party integration" must be enabled within SMS Backup+ settings.

    So far this seems to be working , although I haven't yet given it a rigorous test. I'll report back if I find anything amiss.
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  4. pfarmer

    pfarmer Member

    OK, I've made some changes to the task. Instead of "JD APN" I use "JD Status" to completely turn JuiceDefender off before SMS BACKUP, and then to turn it on after the backup is complete. I also put in a couple of short delays, just in case...

    My task now looks like this:
    1. Wait 5 seconds
    2. JD Status Off: Turn off JuiceDefender. (Leave the "Status" box unchecked when setting this up.)
    3. Wait 5 seconds
    4. SMS Backup+
    5. Wait 10 seconds
    6. JD Status On: Turn on JuiceDefender
    7. JD APN: Set JuiceDefender Control. (This is probably unnecessary, but it assures that JuiceDefender, and not Tasker, will be "the decider" on which data interfaces are enabled.)

    When setting up this task, click on the "Tools" icon and specify the following:
    1. Collision Handling: Run Both Together
    2. Keep Device Awake: Yes (checked)

    Seems to work reliably -- the log gets transmitted within a minute or so after phone calls and after SMS messages, through WiFi (if available) or through Mobile Data.
  5. pfarmer

    pfarmer Member

    More changes -- to simplify the script. I discovered it was unnecessary to turn JuiceDefender off and on. A Tasker command to turn on mobile data will override JuiceDefender's settings. I've also continued to play with the time outs.

    The task now looks like this:
    1. Task > Wait > 5 seconds
    2. Net > Mobile Data > On
    3. Task > Wait > 10 seconds
    4. 3rd Party > SMS Backup+
    5. Task > Wait > 1 minute
    6. 3rd Party > JD APN > Juice Defender Control
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  6. 1st_Paladin

    1st_Paladin Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing. Do you have a solution to prevent JD from turning WiFi off?
  7. pfarmer

    pfarmer Member

    > Do you have a solution to prevent JD from turning WiFi off?

    Sorry, I'm no longer able to help. My Samsung Fascinate started misbehaving after a nasty fall from my pocket while bike riding. Random reboots or freezes 4-5 times a day. I've replaced it with an iPhone 5 and, on the whole, am happy with this decision. Good bye, Tasker, I miss you.
  8. 1st_Paladin

    1st_Paladin Well-Known Member

    No problem. Thanks for your post anyway. It is very helpful.

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