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  1. XplosiV

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    So here's some background.

    Got a dumb sucker mount car holder, no charging port or anything.

    Trying to figure out if this will work or not, well, more if the end task will kick in.

    Nfc on
    Nfc tag detected
    Nfc programed to:
    -turn on Bluetooth
    -wait 5 sec
    -run tasker profile

    Tasker profile

    - Bluetooth connected (device name)
    - Car mode on
    - Night mode auto
    - Load app - Google maps

    End task:
    - Car model off
    - Night mode off
    - Kill app - Google maps

    So I'm assuming that when the Bluetooth connection is broken (either by distance or by another Nfc tag turning Bluetooth off) the End task will run?

    If I could get to grips with variables and had a click by click it would be nice to set it to go by travelling speed but I just get confused with how things are written.

  2. userloser

    userloser Active Member

    yes, when the bt connection to the device is broken, the end task will run.
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