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  1. I just installed Tasker, and am trying to set up my first profile - turning Wifi on when I get home / turning it off when I leave the house.

    I have read "Location Without Tears", and am following the instructions at Turn On WiFi at Home - Tasker Wiki to set up this profile.

    The problem is, I can't get the first context to work, specifically the "Get Fix". Before launching Tasker I turn on my GPS. Then, in the Location context, when I click the blue-circlish icon in the bottom-right corner, which I can only presume means "Get Fix" as the instructions do not specify, the following error appears: Error: no location providers enabled and available. I have 'Net' ticked on, GPS ticked off, and the radius set to 500m.

    Also, a related question - how do I specify an exit condition for a profile in Tasker?

  2. UncleMike

    UncleMike Well-Known Member

    You say you turned GPS on before starting Tasker, but you're specifically telling Tasker to not use GPS ("GPS ticked off"). It sounds like you don't have a network location provider enabled in your android settings.

    There are no exit conditions in Tasker. A profile activates when ALL of the contexts are satisfied, and deactivates (exits) as soon as any one of the contexts is no longer satisfied.
  3. Ah, I get it now. I've set up the profile using WiFi Near, and I'm going to see how it goes in terms of power consumption. Thank you for your help!
  4. idoun

    idoun Well-Known Member

    I am trying to do a similar thing and have not gotten it to work. When I am home (using cell phone tower information) I want it to turn on my Wifi and the Groove IP app. When I am not home, I want it to turn off both of these. The settings I have right now are:

    Cell Near CMDA : tower
    Tasks: 1. Wifi on. 2. Load app "Groove IP"

    However when I leave this area it does not automatically turn off Wifi nor Groove IP. Do I need to set up an exit task? I tried to do this also but couldn't get it to work.
  5. UncleMike

    UncleMike Well-Known Member

    Wifi should turn off automatically if it was off before the profile activated. Tasker returns all settings to their previous state when a profile exits, unless that setting is referenced in the exit task for that profile. Actions (like launching an app) are not undone by Tasker. If you want to reverse an action when a profile exits, you must do it explicitly in the exit task.

    Was wifi off before the profile activated?
  6. idoun

    idoun Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the response. I have made some progress but now have an even bigger problem. My settings are:

    Home - 2 cell tower locations
    Tasks - Turn on Wifi, Load app "Groove IP"
    Exit tasks - Kill app "groove ip", turn off "mobile data" (3g)

    The Wifi now turns off when I leave the area and the 3g network did as well, but "Groove IP" does not get killed and I have not been able to get back my 3g network. I went into Settings, Wireless and Networks, Mobile Networks, and "Data Enabled" is checked. I unchecked it and checked it and no progress. Also restarted my phone a couple times and created a new task that is set for every day to turn on "Mobile Data," which is the same one I used to turn it off (the one for CDMA networks), and I can confirm that the Profile is active, but still no 3g connection.

    How can I get it back? Would also like to know why groove ip isn't getting killed automatically but the bigger issue is that I'd like to get my Internet back. Thanks!
  7. usedtobeanyer

    usedtobeanyer Well-Known Member

    I'd highly recommend AutomateIt. I was able to set up a task like this in 2 seconds and I'm not the brightest when it comes to things like that. Can also do lots of other similar things and it's free. I currently have Wifi come on when I get home, go off when I leave home, 3g come on when I leave home, 3g turn off when I get to work, music player start automatically when I plug in headphone jack, and sound go off automatically when I plug in charger.
  8. kristalsoldier

    kristalsoldier Well-Known Member

    That actually sound cool. Thanks, I'll check this out.
  9. idoun

    idoun Well-Known Member

    Can you use Automateit to start and kill apps? Nm, found answer, it can do both of these things. I will try it out once I get back Internet on my phone.

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