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Tatoo connection to HP laptop

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  1. SLOJustMe

    SLOJustMe New Member

    Hi all,

    I have brand new HTC Tatoo and i am trying to connect it to my HP 6830, running Win7 Ultimate. Phone says, that no HTC Sync is found on laptop, but i installed latest version and restarted PC twice. Thanks for any help!

    Greetings from Slovenia!

  2. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member


    ALIHISGREAT Well-Known Member

    My Laptop/tattoo seem to be very sensitive when connecting them... and they often refuse to connect until i have power cycled both :mad: so my suggested troubleshooting process would be:

    -Uninstall HTC sync
    -Reinstall HTC sync (ensure its the most up to date version)

    -Restart PC
    -Power cycle phone
    -ensure USB debugging is on
    -ensure it is set up to connect to HTC sync (not mobile network or mass storage)

    Then connect it and it will install the drivers, if it doesn't connect then, restart the phone and try again.

    and if it still doesn't work them i'm all out of ideas!
  4. Tierneyeom

    Tierneyeom New Member

    My laptop / tattoos are very sensitive when you connect ... and oftenrefuse to get both suggested that it would restart mytroubleshooting:

    Uninstall HTC sync
    Insert-Sync HTC (to ensure latest version)

    Restart your PC
    -Turn on your phone
    Enter USB debug is enabled
    Set-up given to those on HTC Sync (no wireless network, orstorage) to connect

    Then they call, and installs the drivers are not near the phone and try again.


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