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  1. saber

    saber New Member


    im a newbie to here and android, i just have a question about the mobile network setting. switching it on shows either 3G or H, switching off makes them disappear. now on my omnia it shows what connection is available, eg 3G, how does this work on the htc? if mobile network is switched off i cannot use the browser, which is obvious, if i leave mobile network switched on and i dont have any apps running, does it mean that the connection is still open or just available. hope some-one can shed some light on this for me... as im woried if i leave it on ill incure extra data charges.


  2. dark1ro

    dark1ro Well-Known Member

    Hi saber. Welcome to the forum. About the network setting is that if you have the network 3G on, you could make some trafic. This is because of the widgets that the phone has. Ex. The mail,facebook and weather widget will autoupdate automaticly,and it will make some traffic. The connection will be available and than the widgets will autoconnect. Cheers
  3. saber

    saber New Member

    Hiya, thanks for the info :)

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