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Tattoo and BlueTooth headset connection

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  1. Deefor

    Deefor New Member

    Aplogies for simpleton question but... I've had my Tatto for a couple of days and wanted to pair it with my bluetooth headset for driving. The headset is quite new, but has no makers ref on it so can't find out what it's setting are, but when its on and the Tattoo is scanning, it is never found... I have also tried making the Tatto discoverable during this process as assume its a two way process....

    Any ideas many thanks

  2. domb

    domb Active Member

    have you tried hold the button on your bluetooth headset for about 10-20seconds, this might then get the bluetooth headset to go into like pairing mode. then go on your htc and do a search and see if you can connect to your bluetooth headset.
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