Tattoo is a tough phone!

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  1. stuart121972

    stuart121972 Active Member

    I accidental dropped my Tattoo yesterday from a height of 12 feet on to a ceramic tiled floor :mad:

    I expected it to be dead when I picked it up but was pleased to find it was in full working order. Either I was lucky or HTC got something right with this phone!

  2. arigold

    arigold Member

    you lucky one!!!!.
    This can be call an statitical anomally your phone should be dead.
    But glad to hear nothing happened.
    Perhaps your phone got some kind of protection? or was it the floor against your phone without any protection?
  3. DesBaines

    DesBaines Member

    I too dropped mine, while i was changing a bulb in an exterior floodlight it fell out of my pocket onto a concrete patio must have been about 12 feet, i too expected all sorts of deadness, but lo and behold with just a few minor dents to the case everything still works ok, had to reformat my sd card though to get downloads from the market ????
  4. stuart121972

    stuart121972 Active Member

    Mine has now died.
    The touch screen started playing up a couple of weeks ago, when I touched a button on the screen it reacted as if I'd pushed the button to the right of it, recalibrating didn't resolve it. Then it stopped charging, I think a pin snapped in the USB socket.
  5. DesBaines

    DesBaines Member

    Sorry to hear that, dropped mine six months ago, fingers crossed its still ok, complete with its battle scars, i am a bit clumsy with mine too, seem to drop it somehow most weeks if not days lol
  6. ste1604

    ste1604 Well-Known Member

    ive had my htc tattoo for over a year now, ive never dropped it lol, it doesnt have one scratch on it either, and still has the same case on from when it was purchased.
  7. Mario Rules

    Mario Rules New Member

    I have to give it to my HTC, it has lasted over a year after what I have put it through but that is my recent one that I got from insurance, but my other one didn't even last 1 washing machien cycle. (I forgot it in my pocket)
  8. matthewsmrs

    matthewsmrs New Member

    after two years of being subjected to drops, and water spillage my tattoo has finally decided it has had enough!
    I think HTC really did get something right here, this phone has been the most durable i have ever had. In the time I have had mine my Husband has had a Nokia which has broken and needed repair at least 3 times! shame my Tattoo has decided its had enough, hopefully it is something fixable, despite being dropped in a bowl of water insurers say it is not water damaged!

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