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  1. smadhok

    smadhok New Member


    I have been wanting to get a taste of android and get a new phone. I started off with the Magic, then thought about the Tattoo, then the Samsung Galaxy Spica and finally the Galaxy itself. Now I am all confused.
    Spica being the cheapest is a very attractive offer. But Tattoo has Sense, but for the same price as the Tattoo I get the Galaxy which has a better camera more inbuilt memory, a capacitive touchscreen which I think is probably a little bigger as well. Magic just gets too expensive, not sure if it is worth its price.
    Was wondering if anyone had a similar dilemma and what did they end up choosing and why?
    (Was just not sure which is the best place to post this so put it in here)


  2. dark1ro

    dark1ro Well-Known Member

  3. smadhok

    smadhok New Member

    Thank you for the videos.
    I had seen most if not all of them. Sadly they do not truly help me make my decision since they do not really compare what is good in one against the other. Also the tattoo was not around when the magic was reivewd, spica was not around when galaxy was reviewed...etc
    i was hoping to get some response from ppl who have been in the same dilemma and have been able to make a decision. Would have liked to know how they decided.

    thanks again though
  4. Kostas

    Kostas Well-Known Member

    I am having the same problem.I am looking for a cheap android device to try the OS and as far as i can see i have 3 choices: the tattoo the galaxy spica and the LG GW620 (maybe the magic too)

    There are good reasons for me to pick one over the other but it goes both ways:
    1)The tattoo has sense , which looks amazing !
    2)The tattoo is a bit smaller and cheaper !
    3)The tattoo is probably getting an update to 2.1 and maybe beyond that !
    4)FM tuner
    On the other hand:
    1)The spica has a clearly superior screen.Bigger , more hi res and amoled !
    2)Divx support ! (dont know how well it works in real life)
    3)Theoretically better specs (again real life is another thing...)

    What exactly are your thoughts on that ?
  5. smadhok

    smadhok New Member

    FWIW, I ended up buying a Tattoo because of the Sense UI and the possibility of the OS upgrade, though I read somewhere that the Galaxy and Spica may also be getting the upgrade.
    The Divx support was not a factor since I would not be using the phone for its multimedia features. I think the Tattoo has more RAM/ ROM compared to the Spica, that could be a factor to consider.
    Depending on the phone you use now, you might actually find the Tattoo big. It is small when compared to the Spica but will fill your pocket. Spica might actually pull your pants down, so to speak :)
  6. Kostas

    Kostas Well-Known Member


    So are you satisfied ? Most of the people who bought one seem to be but none of them ever had an android phone before

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