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  1. ZootHornRollo

    ZootHornRollo Member


    I am thinking of getting one of these for my girlfriends Xmas but would be getting it on a tariff without a data plan, relying on wi-fi for any data requirements. We were in the orange shop briefly - so i could sneakily test the water as to which phones she likes! - She likes the look of the Tattoo and loves the idea of custom cases (her idea of a good phone is very superficial! [​IMG] ) but hasn't used a smartphone for any longer than 10 minutes. She doesn't like WinMo because it is very straight-laced and business orientated. I played with a hero in the orange shop and found it a pleasure to use but i have been using smartphones for a few years now.

    I have a couple of questions :

    Will the Tattoo be usable/of any use without a data plan? What will work? what doesn't?

    How easy is Android to use for a complete beginner to smartphones? She currently has a Samsung D600 (which she loves). Is she going to struggle to use basic functions?


  2. Bertelsen

    Bertelsen Member

    Using the basic functions on Tattoo is like a dream (for me).
    It's so easy to make it do what I want; calling, sending SMS/MMS, Facebook/Twitter and so on.

    If it can't do something I want it to do, I'll take a quick tour in Google Market (Wich is located on the phone), and find what I want.

    I have been using my Tattoo (My first experience with the Android-platform) in three days, and I feel that I can "handle" this phone a 100% already, wich took weeks with my WinMo.

    I have been using WinMo for a year, I loved the ideas of what it is capable of, but it's to slow, and it's a hassle doing simple things (in my opinion).

    If it was my girlfriend, I would take her to the shop to show her the phone at first, so she can try to make a sms, look at the menues etc.

    You can also look at these videos at Youtube, it shows the most functions of the phone.

    YouTube - HTC Tattoo Demo 1
    YouTube - HTC Tattoo Demo 2
  3. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Hi ZootHornRollo & Welcome to AF :D

    1) Will the Tattoo be usable/of any use without a data plan?

    Yes It will Still be usable For certain features but Not very Good for those that Require a Data Connection. But Android is A Google phone which practically needs an internet connection.

    2) What will Work?

    All the basic phone capabilities like SMS and making/Receiving phone calls will still work along with the camera for example. Also Downloaded apps that do not require An internet connection shouldn't be a problem.

    3) What Won't work?

    A few features like Browsing the Web , Checking facebook status etc. , Android Market {Download plenty of apps}, Some apps that Require internet connection , Email , Streaming of music / Video, Using google Maps and the Street View...

    4) How easy is Android to use for a complete beginner to smart phones?

    It's easy to use and if she has any problems or Questions , Simply post back here and theirs plenty of people willing to help :D I bet one thing though....... She will Enjoy Android. And watch out for all the new features that will be coming in the future ;) But at the End of the day : Get a data plan for her!

    Just a HINT! If your taking out a Contract make sure you do it over the phone or online as this gives you a 7 day cooling off period. If you take out a contract in-store this return policy does not apply & your quite literally stuck with it for the remainder of the contract. best to have this "Cooling off period" to see if your GF enjoys teh Handset.

    Hint #2 : Have you tried the other handsets available on Orange in the UK? This includes the Motorola Dext and the HTC Hero? I would recommend popping back in the shop and see what you think of these android handsets too {Possibly with your Girl Friend} :)

    Carl ;)
  4. ZootHornRollo

    ZootHornRollo Member

    Thanks for the replies.

    Does the app store etc work over WiFi?

    Can 3G/GPRS be disabled to avoid any unwanted data costs?

    Ease of use is my biggest concern and both your replies and my personal short experience of it indicate that it is so. The Tattoo was the phone she liked the look of (probably mainly because of the design-your-own case). It will very likely be wasted on her and extremely under utilised as she is almost anti-internet. she doesn't twitter or face-space etc. so a data plan would not be used. i can add one on later if needs be.

    re. hint #2 - She absolutely hates the larger handsets like the dext and hero. however i am seriously considering one - possibly the SE Xperia X3 - when my contract is up in the new year. Just wait and see whats about at the time. An Android phone will be my most likely purchase having persevered with WinMo since PocketPC2003 it time for something different.... :cool:
  5. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    1) Does the app store etc work over WiFi?

    Yes , It can still be used over WiFi :)

    2) Can 3G/GPRS be disabled to avoid any unwanted data costs?

    Yes It can by simply editing the APN {access point name} to be incorrect , Hence cannot connect. Easily done with an free app "APNdroid" ;)

    Oh yes I forgot about the Customised case too , Some really good designs and I beleive you can actually make your own personalised one.

    And the Tattoo seems Good for her then considering she doesn't really use the internet , It's customisable & It's Compact. But Follow my hint about the Cooling off period so she can get use of the phone and develop an positive or Negative opinion of it and decide whether or not she wants to keep it.

    LOL I thought , After seeing Android in action you may want one yourself :p by next year they'll most likely be New and More techy handsets out for you to be spoilt for choice for

  6. EddersC

    EddersC Active Member

    I think data costs can be avoided more easily than by putting in a incorrect access point -- there is a simple button widget you can add to the home screen that turns off mobile data connection. Apps then prompt that they haven't got data if they're outside wi-fi.
    (I haven't checked my bill yet though...)
  7. NigelCBS

    NigelCBS Member

    I have mine turned off in Settings -> Wireless Controls ->Mobile network

    If this is unticked it doesn't attempt to use a mobile connection for data
  8. I got a HTC Tattoo last week, and although I have a data plan free on evenings and weekends for a few months I so far haven't needed it. Ive found most applications work fine via a Wireless connection when available.

    The only applications that do not work seem to be those that need to know my mobile account info, such as access to Usage data, or subscription services. I'm on orange in the UK so I have apps like Orange World which gives me access to online usage data, Orange maps and Orange Message both of which are subscription style service, all of which require my mobile info and only seem to work via a data plan.

    You can with a basic Google account download free apps from the Market via wireless without issue but I'm not sure how non-free apps are paid for so it is possible this is the only real problem.

    I my opinion after a week, data plan or no data plan this is an excellent phone.

  9. EddersC

    EddersC Active Member

    invisiblemartin -- I'm interested to hear from another Orange UK Tattoo owner. Does your phone have any of the Googlemail, Google Talk, and YouTube applications available (visible in the main list of applications)?
  10. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Check this Thread :)
  11. Admittedly no I dont have those apps installed and I do have some effectively useless Orange apps I cant get rid of. I did find a few posts about the web about resetting the phone to factory settings, but Ive not tried it. I dont have a messanger app yet either, the one that comes installed is OrangeMessanger which I think requires a dataplan, or at least to use the mobile network and Ive not found a good alternative yet. None of these things however have got in the way, and having looked into this Android platform thing I doubt it will be long before others come up with other solutions. About my only gripe with the phone is the camera, which despite many attempts Ive not managed to take a good pic with!

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