tawkon radiation app for Samsung Galaxy S

  1. tawkon

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    After over a year of development and lots of user feedback, we are excited to announce that tawkon is now available FREE on supported Samsung Galaxy S devices (Vibrant, Captivate, GTI 9000)!

    tawkon for Android (beta) is the only mobile application that lets you see and avoid mobile phone radiation.

    Real-time Radiation Indication
    Our tiny icon on your home screen changes from green to yellow to red indicating low-moderate-high levels of radiation exposure at any given time.
    Live Prompts & Feedback
    tawkon subtly alerts you when exposure to radiation rises, with simple prompts to avoid radiation just when you need to. Live feedback confirms that your actions were effective.

    Map your Home or Office
    Activate tawkon in “prediction mode” to see low and high radiation zones in your home, office or neighborhood.

    Personal Stats
    Dynamic graphical statistics clearly demonstrate how much radiation you avoided by using tawkon during the last call, day, week, month and six months.

    The World’s First Live Radiation Map
    The tawkon community is creating the world’s first user-generated radiation map. Our tawkon-enhanced Google Map shares the collective data of radiation exposure levels from our users worldwide. Contribute to this valuable collective information source by just activating tawkon on your Android!
    Extensive accuracy testing and RF calibration means we introduce tawkon supported devices one-at-a-time, even on Android We therefore don’t yet support all Android models but we’re qualifying more all the time. Remember – tawkon also supports selected BlackBerry devices and we’re waiting (a while now…) for Apple approval to get tawkon on the iPhone. So whatever phone you have, click on this download button, and if your phone isn’t yet supported, we’ll let you know when we’re ready for you!

    Are you protected? Get tawkon and keep talking!

  2. ony

    ony New Member

    can work with samsung galaxy spica (GT I5700) ????
  3. tawkon

    tawkon Member

    Thanks for your interest! We don’t currently support Spica but you can sign up at www.tawkon.com/download to be alerted when your device is supported.

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