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TB using top mic in call not bottom

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  1. AcidicP

    AcidicP Member

    So I had my old HTC TB rooted and flashed to CM 7 with no problems.

    That one broke and I had to get a replacement. After rooting and flashing CM7 I had two problems. The first was the normal GPS problem I fixed by flashing a Sense ROM and flashing back to CM7. The other problem is in call my phone uses the top mic, so when holding it normally the user on the other end can barely hear me. I tried switching to speaker and both mic's shut off entirely. Switched off speaker and neither mic would still work.

    Any suggestions?

    P.S. Sorry if this is a duplicate thread, I searched around and couldn't find a fix.

  2. AcidicP

    AcidicP Member

    It was a hardware issue with the new device. Unrooted and got another one sent to me.
  3. defTwitch

    defTwitch Well-Known Member

    never ever heard of that but thanks for posting reply... interesting

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