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  1. Dreamweavn

    Dreamweavn New Member

    I have 'never' updated my TBolt until it forced down my throat a few days ago. Then rooted the phn since I lost my free Hotspot & Tethering ability:mad: but did not have a chance to put any Roms on it and the Gingerbread update came through while sleeping last night. Now my phn is stuck in the boot screen (triangle w/explanation mark and Droid man):eek: next to it.

    If I do a factory reset from with in the ClockworkMod Recovery screen, will this help to allow me to keep the phone booted long enough to unroot and update then re-root it? Any help in this case is appreciated!!


  2. Yeahha

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  3. al7ou

    al7ou New Member

    I know this won't help but i have vary simular porblem.

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