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  1. LowEndGeek

    LowEndGeek Well-Known Member

    Circle me on Google plus I'm there most of the time, don't be afraid

    I reactivated my Facebook http://facebook.com/kenharkey

    This is GSnapElite, a rom that had been heavily influenced by gingersnap from neko95 on xda. The goal of this rom is to provide flexibility, stability and performance under one roof. I will strive to make this rom as light, efficient and powerful as possible, in short lean and mean.

    It is based off the latest version of Harmonia so you still get it's stability and performance in a whole new package.

    First off the credits:
    # hashtag for the original base
    # Leslie Ann for Harmonia
    # Artine for the write up in the hydra thread
    # giantpune for the kernel
    # neko95 on xda his gingersnap Rom was the inspiration for this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=28465534
    # Pilot03 for helping with files I found out I didn't actually need...sorry
    # Anyone else who had a hand in making any component in this rom

    ### A special shout out to coffee my motivation

    Standard disclaimer:
    You flash this of your own will I cannot and will not be held responsible for any damages, please know full well what you are doing before you flash my rom. That being said I've had zero issue flashing and running this I've had zero issues but of course ymmv.

    Personal disclaimer:
    This is my first time trying something like this, the closest I've come is remastering my own ubuntu so for the love of Torvalds and Stallman make a nandroid backup before you flash.

    What's different?
    It includes all scripts and tweaks that tagged has plus..added script to set proper permissions for system apps for each boot

    All apps that were taken out are still gone plus I removed..gmail, App quarantine, busy box installer, Swype, Holo Locker, Holo Launcher, gallery ics (I think that's it, if there are more I'll update)

    Added the very latest version of flash for gingerbread, titanium backup, es file manager, aLogcat (for now), quick pic, Swype beta installer, quick boot, tesla led and juice defender, lighter fonts, latest version of super su, fixed calendar and quick memo so they should be working now, giantpune kernel had been updated to the 10_26 build.

    Changes in New version
    # Updated with Sleipnir as a base
    # Full init.d support
    # Reintroduced init.d tweaks now that the kernel fully supports them
    # Updated play store
    # Updated gps.conf
    # Rom is now odexed

    Changes in previous version
    # Now based on Harmonia
    # Most tweaks have been removed
    # Titanium, Google Talk, Google Plus, No Frills CPU now included
    # LG Keyboard Removed
    # Reverted to the 10-26 kernel
    # lg keyboard
    # Cyanogenmod dsp manager
    # finished theme
    # Removed extra files left over from TheLGE
    # Transparent lockscreen sliders
    # Removed titanium, stock keyboard, voice search, juice defender, aLogcat and quickpic.
    # Reinserted gallery3d with icon to match the rest of the ui
    # Updated kernel to 12-05
    # Status icons now themed
    # unlocked home from memory (this has greatly reduced lag)
    # set vmheap to 64

    What makes this special?
    I'm working toward a full LG ui 2.0 experience, I'm working hard porting over the apps and widgets as well as theming it the rom. So far it has LG 2 home launcher with full widget support, widgets for [Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, battery, network status, picture frame, incoming messages, and alarm clock], all core app icons are themed (working on fully porting them instead of just theming), LG ui 2.0 wallpapers are included, new boot animation.

    Issues, concerns, bugs and annoyances:
    # The social plus and weather aren't fully working, the apps themselves work but some of the widgets do not. I'll add these as optional zips.
    # The first few seconds of a boot seems to lag a bit, working on this
    # Just noticed, when adding a tapatalk widget it didn't appear for about 30 seconds, may also happen with other widgets.
    # enabling vibrate feedback on lg keyboard will cause it to force close

    # Send any other reports to kenharkey7@gmail.com


    Full size wallpaper
    Full size version of default wallpaper

    Installation Instructions
    ** Always make a back up first
    1. Do a full wipe
    ** Full wipe includes data/reset factory resotre in recovery, wipe cache, under mounts and storage wipe system, under advanced wipe dalvik
    2. Flash the ROM
    3. Reboot (this might take some time due to app optimization)
    4. Wait few minutes and reboot again

    Current Build

    Virgin Mobile Devhost

    Virgin Copy

    MD5 Sum: 5cbece0b59773014b234e365416c5841


    Sprint Devhost

    Sprint Copy

    MD5 Sum: b7ddf64b2b6d4a214614c362ac5f425e

  2. LowEndGeek

    LowEndGeek Well-Known Member

    Change log:
    Version 0.9.1 Internal testing
    I hit my phone with science and poked it with a stick.

    Version 1.0 first public release
    First release no real changes yet.

    Version 1.5
    Finished up theme, improved stability and performance

    FAQ, because why not?

    Why did I choose the default apps?
    I picked tesla because it's the best all around flashlight in my opinion and really useful. I picked es because it's nice looking, ad free, root powered and has access to ftp, it had helped me build this rom and my website. Lg keyboard because....do I need to say it? Swype beta installer because Swype rocks and its free.

    I thought you didn't have a computer, how did this make this rom?
    I used es file manager, zarchiver, 920editor and tapatalk to look things up, I manually themed every apk by hand and thru a lot of trial and error.
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  3. J4ckWr4th

    J4ckWr4th Member

    Awesome. I honestly think this is exactly the distraction everyone needs.

    EDIT : torvalds and stallman reference is pro
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  4. LowEndGeek

    LowEndGeek Well-Known Member

    Why would we need a distraction?.and thanks lol
  5. David Dubz

    David Dubz Well-Known Member

    Looks sweet :) - finally something is happening on these threads.

    Also, if you want to edit the status bar icons, they're found in system/framework/framework.apk and system/app/systemui.apk. If you unzip framework-res.apk using 7zip or something, you can see all the icons and everything to edit. Then you can re-zip when done.
  6. LowEndGeek

    LowEndGeek Well-Known Member

    Hmm I can't seem to find the battery icons, I have the entire status bar changed except the battery

    Never mind, they were in the framework. Strange how the rest of the status bar icons are in system ui but the battery is under framework
  7. elgecko

    elgecko Well-Known Member

    Looking good.
    May be flashing.....
  8. LowEndGeek

    LowEndGeek Well-Known Member

    Well if you do please give feedback and remember this is only the first release, theme should be done very soon (I'm more than half way) and lots of other stuff is coming.
  9. spaz1418

    spaz1418 Well-Known Member

    Has some lags and lg weather widget doesn't work.. Runs alot slower den slpneir but then I
    Ran full benchmark got 100 points higher on Lge...
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  10. LowEndGeek

    LowEndGeek Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I haven't fully ported the weather yet, I know the app it self works and the smallest size widget should also work but not the medium or large size. As far add the lag is concerned I'll have to take as look, it might be the launcher, it's made for all resolutions so maybe I can try cutting out anything that's not for our resolution, I'll also look at the scripts, thank you for trying it

    Also you could try reducing the number of screens, I use 3 and don't really have any lag.
  11. spaz1418

    spaz1418 Well-Known Member

    Like lg home launcher and weather alot so good luck on fix bugs besides dat
    everything great lg ui still needs work to like phone icon
    3-g and etc... Rom name G-T-R Elite lol :)
  12. LowEndGeek

    LowEndGeek Well-Known Member

    I've been working on the theme most of the day lol

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  13. LowEndGeek

    LowEndGeek Well-Known Member

  14. Artine

    Artine Well-Known Member Contributor

    I'm honestly excited to see how this goes, the theme looks interesting so far :)

    That's why Hydra's out ;) Stable base, has all improvements from all the top ROMs, to be used as a base.
  15. LowEndGeek

    LowEndGeek Well-Known Member

    Ok....just found out that I'll pretty much have to port over each core app individually to get the best integration as possible.

    As far as the weather, porting it deals with modifying the framework res so honestly I'm waiting till the theming is done before I start on that.

    As far as hydra goes. Honestly the reason i didn't use it was because no matter what i did i was unable to manipulate the zip
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  16. Artine

    Artine Well-Known Member Contributor

    Take your time. From what I've learned, people prefer larger updates over longer periods of time, as opposed to having to update every other day with negligible changes.
  17. LowEndGeek

    LowEndGeek Well-Known Member

    Right, I just have nothing else to do lol. I got the phone finally themed but the dialer is way too big :confused:

    The freaking phone icon was set by the contacts apk wtf lol
  18. HaTrEd360

    HaTrEd360 Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna say it. You're profile pic is just great. It caused me to smile :D
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  19. LowEndGeek

    LowEndGeek Well-Known Member

    Glad to be of service lol
  20. Dark One

    Dark One Well-Known Member Contributor

    Looks good!
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  21. sneaky_1

    sneaky_1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah man looks sweet. Thanks for your contribution and time. :)
  22. LowEndGeek

    LowEndGeek Well-Known Member

    Not a problem, i just could really use some assistance in getting the widgets to work and theme finished. It sucks not having a computer lol :)

    On a side note, I'm thinking about calling my rom the kludge or half baked lol
  23. LowEndGeek

    LowEndGeek Well-Known Member

    Finally uploadfromtaptalk1363500392874.jpg
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  24. HaTrEd360

    HaTrEd360 Well-Known Member

    Do you plan on theming the signal bars at all? I believe either Artine, Hashtag, or Ktb knew where those files were. Also did you just install Cyanogenmod's DSP Manager or did you actually put in the libs and get them to work as well? DSP Manager isn't exactly easy to get it working on a non Cyan mod ROM. xD
  25. LowEndGeek

    LowEndGeek Well-Known Member

    Dsp manager is fully working all libs installed. Im listening to music right now using it lol. Signal bars.....yes im going to theme them and i already know where they are. The issue though is it will bring it down visually from 6 bars to 4, but this will only be a visual change and wont effect the way it works


    Here is how it would look

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