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  1. earlybirddisco

    earlybirddisco New Member

    Hello all have a windows 7 pc with teamviewer 9 and running a dvr program superdvr 6. Connecting from a pc with teamviewer works fine but when using my galaxy tab the video shows for a few seconds then the screen goes black and a lot of boxes are seen. Ican still see the windows strt menu and the teamviwer tab but the central area tthat would show the images from the cameras are dark. Upgraded both to the latest teamviewer 9 and same fault occurs. Any ideas?

  2. Renaissdoc

    Renaissdoc New Member

    This problem of camera views appearing black when viewed from a remote device using TeamViewer was a big issue for us, and was finally solved by changing a setting in MSCONFIG of the source computer (the PC which was connected to the cameras, and was being accessed remotely from another computer or other device using TeamViewer). This fix should work for camera-operating PC's running XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. In the "BOOT" section/tab of MSCONFIG check the "Base video" option ("/BASEVIDEO" in XP). Once the MSCONFIG changes have been saved and the PC rebooted, that PC should share the camera views via TeamViewer. We also check the "No GUI Boot" option ("/NOGUIBOOT" in XP), but that is a personal preference, since the DVR-operating PC's are used solely for security purposes, and not used for local "hands-on" use by anyone.

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