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  1. An UrgeTo Dance

    An UrgeTo Dance The Hero of the Winds

    Okay so I am having a problem with any tegra game or any graphic intensive game such as Nova 3. The game will play but then it will freeze and the screen will get all flickery. I had this same problem on my Prime which is why I was able to get the Infinity. I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem and if anyone could think of a way to fix it.

    I am rooted but not unlocked. I have tried the temp unroot option in Voodoo root keeper.

  2. snuggles

    snuggles Well-Known Member

    I keep having the same problems with games, screen flickers then freezes then goes to the desktop. Its really starting to piss me off!!! I may have to trash this thing and go to the new Samsung tablet.
  3. snuggles

    snuggles Well-Known Member

    I'm not very impressed with this table. In my opinion its just average. For a tablet that is supposed to be so powerful, it freezes and hesitates alot even with performance mode on. I'm thinking about trashing it for the galaxy note 10.1. Has anybody tried the galaxy note 10.1 or heard anything about it?

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