Telus announced Android 2.3 Gingerbread update schedule.General

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  1. Grenovic

    Grenovic Member

    I've been doing the very same for over an hour and after going through Telus support they referred me to Samsung. After waiting to speak with someone at Samsung for 10 minutes while listening to the absolute worst music conceivable, the rep suggested that I may have to try again in a week to get the update.

    This, once again, IS ABSOLUTELY BUSH LEAGUE!!! Why they couldn't be smart enough to make the update process OTA to begin with is beyond me.

    And I do agree completely that giving us a somewhat older update is bunk as well.

  2. techker

    techker Well-Known Member

  3. phantomfire78

    phantomfire78 New Member

    The update has arrived - just upgrading my phone as I type!! Yay!!
  4. techker

    techker Well-Known Member


    do you have to re root after?
  5. batkinson001

    batkinson001 Well-Known Member

    same here, Sammy left me some Gingerbread when i woke up this morning!

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  6. techker

    techker Well-Known Member

    why does it still look like my old

    i was sure i was going to get the gingerbread look...:(
  7. batkinson001

    batkinson001 Well-Known Member

    Check your settings for your phone information... should find the screen i took a pic of... maybe you only got 2.2 again.. Did you do a factory restore lately?
  8. techker

    techker Well-Known Member

    Well some things changed like the notification bars..but in my head i was shure even the them it self would change..cause i tried a few gingerbread launchers and i really like the them..

    but ya its at 2.3.3 lkg2

    but i was sure it would reset all settings that i needed to re root..but it stayed the same.
  9. batkinson001

    batkinson001 Well-Known Member

    It's like upgrading from Vista to Windows 7... some things change but many staythe same
  10. techker

    techker Well-Known Member

    so were does the launcher pro get the look from?tablets?
  11. karmatose

    karmatose Member

    I did the Gingerbread and managed to lose root.

    To those who've done the Gingerbread update, did you also lose root? If you had to re-root, what did you use? I can't seem to get SuperOneClick to actually complete under 2.3.3.

    EDIT: I should also add, I'm a bit of a noob at this Android nonsense. All this stuff was so easy on all of my WinMo handsets... I don't really need hand holding, but a point in the right direction would be appreciated.
  12. Grenovic

    Grenovic Member

    Well this is a pleasant surprise. Apparently I couldn't have picked a better day to have off.

    I'm still lol'ing over the debacle from yesterday. Dumb Samsung rep!
  13. karmatose

    karmatose Member

    So after playing around with this update through the morning, I wouldn't install it. I can't see any real benefit. It was faster with 2.2 and olcf, gps still won't lock and battery life isn't any better.

    Basically, the only thing I can see this update does is take away my ability to root.
  14. Grenovic

    Grenovic Member

    Well at least a few of you were able to get it installed. I on the other hand, have been fighting with both my phone and Kies all day.

    And now I've just found out that Telus has pulled the update YET AGAIN. Their twitter says they are working with Samsung to resolve the issue.

    So, I'll take that as meaning they botched it again and I'm going to have to wait another month for the update.
  15. karmatose

    karmatose Member

    Consider yourself lucky. At least you still have root features available to you in 2.2. As I said, aside from the increased build number and a bit of a different skin, there is no difference. The things that worked poorly before (gps mainly) still don't work well.
  16. tripplec

    tripplec Well-Known Member

    So the update is not clean and can semi brick the phone is that it. After all this time and waiting why on earth is't it 2.3.4 which has been out for so long. The Nexus came out with it on the Telus site. Checking the developer site 2.3.4 fixes many bugs, security issues and adds some abilities. This is the latest in the plateform so how do we patch 2.3.3 to 2.3.4 to have the best stable platform version.
  17. avenuePad

    avenuePad Well-Known Member

    Awesome news that we're finally getting/got the GB update, though it sounds like there are some issues. I've actually just recently picked up a Nexus S, so this isn't as urgent to me as before.

    I just don't understand why the update isn't 2.3.4. Bogus.

    So, before I upgrade I assume I will have to remove Voodoo, but what about the root itself? Is it safe to do the update with the root intact? Not that it's difficult with 1 click root.

    Anyway, woot for GB!
  18. karmatose

    karmatose Member

    I didn't remove root before the update... Updated fine.
  19. tripplec

    tripplec Well-Known Member

    Did the install Market Apps get blown away, data etc???
  20. karmatose

    karmatose Member

    That I can't answer. I restored to default to get rid of the Voodoo audio modules before updating.
  21. tripplec

    tripplec Well-Known Member

    It really ticks me off that Samsung used an old version and not the latest which has been around for ages. 2.3.4 just did not come how so now how to patch the bug fixes to make it 2.3.4. Its like upgrading one beta to another beta.
  22. tripplec

    tripplec Well-Known Member

    They have pulled the update at the moment for some reason anyway. No longer listed. Wast of time if its not 2.3.4 anyway since 2.3.3 is a know buggy very with security holes. It like releasing an unpatched basic version of windows and no ability to run updates or patch it. You know you're going to have big trouble from the get go.

    Common get 2.3.4 out as it should be this is already old but the latest in the platform series. We should all call Samsung and complain.
  23. batkinson001

    batkinson001 Well-Known Member

    any thoughts on why they chose this version over something more recent?

    I have the update and have found it to be awesome... though my battery life still sucks.
  24. tripplec

    tripplec Well-Known Member

    I believe I read about that being one of the many bugs in the later release. Makes not sense unless we can download and run a OS patch to update it to 2.3.4 They is a l number of functionality improvements as well if you read the forum on the developer site.

    This entire process is extremely slow and incomplete updating. The Froyo was 2.20 even though 2.2.2 was there with fixes. I guess all we can do as users is call Samsung support and complain to them. The carriers pushes back and says its up to Samsung not them to provide the update even though Telus does not release it live themselves. It Kies side loaded via their download.

    As customer we need results. As it is, no more Samsung for me.

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