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General Telus Fascinate, aka T-Mobile Vibrant.

  1. Ben.M

    Ben.M Member

    I'm sure many of you have connected the dots on this one, but I just want to make it easily noticeable here. In my search for a proper case for my "Fascinate" I discovered that the T-Mobile "Vibrant" is the same phone as the Telus "Fascinate". I believe the T-Mobile version has the model name SGH-T959, while the Telus units are SGH-T959D.

    Just to add to the confusion, Bell Mobility's Galaxy S "Vibrant" is the i-9000 model name type.

    With that knowledge, I picked up an Otterbox Commuter case for the T-Mobile Vibrant that fits perfectly (please don't take this as a product placement!).

    If you're having a hard time finding answers on this Telus Fascinate Forum it may be worthwhile to have a look at the Samsung Vibrant forums, as there is a lot more activity there.

    Thanks for having these forums here, all!

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  2. neonjon

    neonjon New Member

    Gonna agree with Ben. I got the Zagg skin, and its a perfect fit. Any cases for the vibrant will work!

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