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Telus JB update is a winner!General

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  1. outerub

    outerub Well-Known Member

    My GS3/4G/LTE is better than ever! I was extremely leery of the upgrade as I had a BAD experience once with an HTC Desire HD update. As of today I'm really liking the performance improvements and interface changes. Couple this with my new Hyperion 4200 battery and you just can't beat it!

    I previously posted some screen shots of my battery use with the 4200 and ICS. With most of the auto features turned off I got well over three days from the battery. Here are some shots with everything turned on and connectivity enabled every 30 minutes. The only thing that remains the same is the lack of animations and the black wallpaper.

    These are after one day of what for me is heavy use.

    Approximately 2.5% per hour .... not too bad.

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  2. outerub

    outerub Well-Known Member

    It seems I've managed to duplicate a thread topic .... would a Mod please delete this thread ?

    Thank you.

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