Telus Team Webstore?

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  1. Luke99

    Luke99 Member

    anyone work at telus and have access to the webstore? im willing to pay for access to it.

  2. junkie

    junkie Member

    You don't have to pay anyone for access to the team webstore, you can use any employees name and email address to access it and telus is ok with that. Google will show you the way as I'm not sure if I should post the credentials I use when purchasing off the teamstore. Pm me if you don't come up with anything from google
  3. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

    I have access to the team store , who is intrested just e-mail or pm me , i will help:)
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  4. thinkerwiz

    thinkerwiz New Member


    Can you pls PM me the Team Web Store credentials
  5. samca123

    samca123 New Member

  6. GTAUser

    GTAUser New Member


    Can you pls PM me the Team Web Store credentials
  7. kanumc

    kanumc New Member

    Could you please pm me the info? Thanks!
  8. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

    it is not good to hijack someone else thread to offer the same , moderator he hijacked my thread please delete him
  9. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

    why you hijacked this thread to offer the same thing ?! this is illegal
  10. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

    Moderator please stop Rory123 , he is replying to my threads illegally
  11. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

  12. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

    I replied to everyone who PMed me
  13. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

  14. rattubhai

    rattubhai New Member

    Hey can you send me the credentials. Wanna check out prices, etc. It's ratneshchandna[at]gmail
  15. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

    sure just did :)
  16. Axor

    Axor New Member

    Good day.. please send PM with information. TYVM! Looking to get a couple of phones(2), one for myself, and one for the wife.

  17. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

    sure just did , anyone else can send me an e-mail if you will
  18. BBLeePhotos

    BBLeePhotos New Member

    could you kindly send me the credentials if you will, please?

    wonderfulremark at gmail dot com.
  19. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

    sure , just PM and e-mailed you , Cheers :)
  20. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

    sure , just PM and e-mailed you , Cheers :)
  21. jkimme

    jkimme New Member

    May I have your login id and access # as well?

    I've been looking for this for hours...

    Thank you ;)
  22. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

    PMed you , all the info is there , you can e-mail me too if you will if you did not get it ,
  23. gravity696

    gravity696 New Member

    I would be grateful for access to the website as I am in the process of shopping for new phones for my wife and I as well. Thanks in advance!!
  24. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

    glade to help , just sent you a private message
  25. Nextzone

    Nextzone New Member

    Hi. Can u pls send me the credentials. Im looking for an iphone for my daughter and your help will be greatly appreciated . My email ad is
    Thanks in advance.

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