Telus Team Webstore?

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  1. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

    sure, glade to assist - just e-mailed you the info , Cheers :)

  2. andrewkmlam

    andrewkmlam New Member

    Hello there,

    I lost my phone recently and am looking to get the Samsung Galaxy S2X - would much appreciate if I could get the credentials for the webstore. Thanks in advance.

    Email address:
  3. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

    Done, plz check your inbox :)
  4. corrence

    corrence New Member

    Hello cedny123,

    Me too please...

  5. simelite

    simelite New Member

    I came across your helpful post, could you send the access info to

    notsickgent [at] gmail [dot] com

    Thanks very much for your help!
  6. wanton007

    wanton007 New Member

    I hear the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is on the TeamWebStore now. Anyone want to PM the login details?

    Thanks in advance!
  7. frugalgugal

    frugalgugal New Member

    Hi Cedny,
    Me too please, I would so grateful for a login! Thanks so much
  8. tanesh

    tanesh New Member

    Hi Cedny,

    Can you please PM the login info?

    Thanks sooo much!
  9. sunchaser53

    sunchaser53 New Member

    I am looking to purchase iphone 4s, anyone can share the login info. Thanks.
  10. davesandroid47

    davesandroid47 New Member

    Could you send me the information please?
  11. jesse0471

    jesse0471 New Member

    If someone could please share login info please PM

    Big Thanks
  12. ferrari16

    ferrari16 New Member

    Hey, please can you share the telus login info with me? I greatly appreciate it!
  13. badelmo

    badelmo New Member


    Can you please PM me the info as well?

  14. samstah

    samstah New Member

    Hi there, was wondering if anyone can share the webstore login with me? Would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  15. dastos

    dastos New Member

    Hi, I am actually looking as well if anyone can share the webstore login with me. I am looking at the Galaxy Note. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  16. SomeoneKnowsU

    SomeoneKnowsU New Member

    If anyone is still looking for team webstore access, you can email me at and I can provide you with details to access the store.
  17. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

    Trust only the original who opened this thread :( happy to help you out fir your savings , all who send me an e-mail or PM got immediate access
  18. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

    Done :)
  19. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

    Done :)
  20. librakhan

    librakhan New Member

    hi, i am also interested.
  21. cedny123

    cedny123 Member

  22. tdudek

    tdudek New Member

    Can I get access to Telus Webstore as well. Email:
    Thx in advance.
  23. zhanghaobc

    zhanghaobc New Member

    please send telus Team webstore log
  24. MenaceInc

    MenaceInc Member

    thanks in advance.

    please send me the log in to: menace @
  25. raju09

    raju09 New Member

    please pm me. thks.

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