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temporary root for Tab 2?Support

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  1. tengwer

    tengwer New Member

    I have a Galxy Tab 2 7.0 on order and want to prepare myself to set it up before I get it. I have three questions:

    1) I did not find any current answers to this question: Will Z4root app (temporarily roots the device) work with the Tab 2? Are there any other apps that will temporarily root the Tab 2 that any out there have used successfully?

    2) I may decide to permanently root the device. I found instructions to do so that involve several steps. With the tablet I currently have I have done system updates (place update.zip on sd card and click on Sytem Update in about dialogue in settings). Is there a simple way to root the Galaxy Tab 2 by just using an update.zip file as described above?

    3) In the store models I have looked at I notice that in the settings under memory it shows only 4 gb of memory left for use. Am I correct in assuming that when apps are installed they are placed in the other 4gb partition that is hidden while the data used by those apps is placed in the 4gb patition I can see?

    I appreciate any help/info you can give me! :)

  2. DoctorCAD

    DoctorCAD Well-Known Member

    1. Z4root does not work. I have found no other program that will let you do a temp root.

    2 I haven't done it, but the instructions to root seem overly complicated compared to older Android releases. Maybe Google has something to do with that.

    3. No, you ONLY have 4 gig (+/-) to work with for everything except media files (which you can put on an external SD card). ICS 4.0 does not allow moving apps or data to the external SD card. The only exception I have found is a navigation app I use called Sygic. It is simply copied to the SD card and works 100%. Not sure how it can but no other programs seem to be able to.
  3. tengwer

    tengwer New Member

    Thanks for the help! It is ashame that there is only 4gb of usable memory. I may have to reconsider my purchase unless I decide to take the risk of rooting it. I have a rooted Zeki tablet and I use directory bind to use files from the external card and it works like a charm.

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