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Tempted to root.

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  1. Gladiator2002

    Gladiator2002 Active Member

    "When you do achieve service, remember to
    go to LGNPST and do something known as
    NVBackup. It restores all of the settings,
    including the meid the esn so you won't
    have to do that all again. All you would
    need to do when you go back to restoring
    service would be just NVBackup and a prl
    lol. Saves loads of times. It should really be
    one of the first things mostly Every user
    on here should do after rooting and
    installing LGNPST correctly. Saves so
    much time instead of going to install qxdm
    and whatnot lol."

    is there some way to get this info, and any
    other data that would be needed to keep
    my phone operational (calling, texting, web), BEFORE I try to
    root? just in case I mess up like some others have done.

  2. rememberlol

    rememberlol Active Member

    Well First you should root with gingerbreak and then install a custom recovery which is found in the all roots section. Trust me its not that difficult.
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  3. Spec2nirvash

    Spec2nirvash VIP Member VIP Member

  4. Gladiator2002

    Gladiator2002 Active Member

    I'm now rooted! I used the Gingerbreak methood 2.2.1, Thank you both!

    I've downloaded Tibu (free) and batch backup everything. Then deleted MetroPCS Bloat.

    Now time to install a custom recovery.

    can I use the 3 click for 2.2.2 for recovery?
    I spent most of the day on looking through all the threads and links to other threads which lead me to the getitnowmarketing "All In One Recovery Thread". is this the "best/SAFEST" way to install a custom recovery?
  5. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

    what i did is downloaded my recovery file and flashed it over with an app called flashui image ui in market. esiest way to do it. cost a dollar tho.
  6. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

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