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Terminal Emulator Crash on Nook Color CM7

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  1. ubergeek1983

    ubergeek1983 New Member

    I have just set up 2 nook colors for a couple friends of mine using update-cm7.1.0-encore-signed.zip and everything goes well until I try to use Terminal Emulator on either of their devices. It does one of two things: 1. Doesn't exit when I type "exit" and therefore requires me to kill the process ~or~ 2. When I open Terminal Emulator it goes to a white screen for a moment and then reboots the tablet (the blue robot on a skateboard pops up and then it goes back to home screen).

    Anyone have any input on what may be causing this or how to fix it? I tried removing the version of TE installed with the system by using Titanium Backup and then re-installing from the market but it does the same thing. This isn't an emergency situation but it's irritating and I would like to know how to fix it.

    Thanks in advance,
    E :confused: ;)

  2. ubergeek1983

    ubergeek1983 New Member

    The issue is still there as of CM7 nightly build 253 and Phiremod 7.1 Stable and yet terminal emulator shows up in both of these as being installed with the rom...

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