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  1. BryantInceptio

    BryantInceptio New Member

    Hi. I just got my Pantech Burst not even a week ago and my phone dies very easily. I only get about 5 hours of battery life just sending text messages to one person. It's so bad! I mean I loose like 20 percent every hour. I'm just texting one person! How is this happening?
    Phone Settings:
    1. Display turned all the way down.
    2. GPS, Auto-Sync, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and all animations are off.
    3. No lock sounds, no haptic feed back, and no live wallpaper.
    4. Screen Timeout = 30 seconds
    5. I have Juice Defender and it only lets any app sync every 2 hours.

    What do I do? I've looked everywhere and tried everything to get longer battery life...


  2. AlekosRock

    AlekosRock New Member

    Look, most likely something you've installed is running deep in the background.
    Do this and you will get good battery life, I get a full day out of my phone (brightness low, gps off, autosync off - but wifi on)
    do this:
    reset the phone
    root the burst
    don't install any applications for a few days
    install titanium and freeze all of the AT&T applications and others (I froze like 15 apps)

    this is what I did on my xperia and now the burst to improve battery. First do a reset and don't install any fancy applications. These applications can run in the background)
    -Pull the battery, wth it off charge burst to 100%
    -Pull battery, use it and drain it completely until it dies
    -With it off, charge it to 100%, then turn it on

    I have seen my battery life improve by doing this. It is just a matter of charging it fully with it off, and then let it die completely, pull battery and do a full recharge.
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  3. BryantInceptio

    BryantInceptio New Member

    Thanks! But how do I root my phone? o.o I tried but it won't work.
  4. AlekosRock

    AlekosRock New Member

    To root the phone, do this:
    1. Download and install PC Suite (This includes the drivers)
    (Install PC Suite, Follow instructions to get PC Suite working with your phone, this will ensure you have the drivers working on your computer. If PC Suite can see you phone by USB then drivers are installed (Make sure USB Debugging is ON)

    2. After verify PC Suite is installed, follow the instructions found here to get adb and fastboot working. There is a zip file that you extract to your "C" Drive called "Android" - work in that folder when using adb
    How To: Install ADB and Fastboot on your Windows computer for use with your Android phone | dotTech

    3. Then use these instructions here:
    [Exclusive] Pantech Burst Rooted, And The Process Is Stupid-Easy
    (copy the prestoroot.img file to the "Android" folder, and remember when you are in command prompt, make sure you are working in c:\Android

    Try this, see if it works
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  5. BryantInceptio

    BryantInceptio New Member

    For Titanuim(or whatever), you need the full version to freeze apps?
  6. Spikelangelo

    Spikelangelo Member

    Yes, this is only available with the paid version. It's definitely worth buying.
  7. BryantInceptio

    BryantInceptio New Member

    Okay, I did all of that but I still get only 5 hours, just with texting.
  8. tangbunna

    tangbunna New Member

    buy the app or buy extra battery? when the phone is connected to 3G or 4G networks, it gets hot and eat battery like cakes. mine still fine fine about 10hr use for ordinary 30 mn calls a day without internet connection. ot i keep it standby without a call, or touch, it last about 30hrs.
    if i use on 3G or 4G networks for whatsapp texting, it last 3hrs from full charge.
    but if i change the network to 2G by dial *#*#4636#*#* , it can last about 5hrs using whatsapp texting. but if it is on wifi and using the same app, it last up to 7hrs or 8hrs

    mine got it rooted but i don't know where i can remove all the att bloatwares.

    it is a cheapest high speed phone, high battery consuming, and highly ugly phone and Extremely poor customer service, The Pantech Burst.

    Sent an email to Pantech USA, 3 weeks later i got a reply with nonsense "We are making firmware upgrade to fix the problems, please visit att for more info about update". addressing more problems and suggestions, they just keep mum forever.
    No wonder their company is buttom of phone manufacturer list. may be outside of the list soon i guess.
  9. Shadow300

    Shadow300 Member

    on the contrary, i think this phone looks beautiful, compared to the square bricks that are the motorolas or the bloated, slow samsungs. I love this phone. BUT, battery technology hasn't really advanced with the internals of newer phones, specially 4g and the blazing fast chipset that the pantech burst has. It is probably the fastest phone right now on att
  10. tatdaddy13

    tatdaddy13 Active Member

    Best Answer
    Give it some time. This phone is fairly new to the market. Check eBay, they always have battery and home charger combos for cheap. Just carry extra batteries for now. Soon enough you'll be able to buy extended life batteries with the modified back covers.

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