Terrible battery life

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  1. icedice34

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    Feb 24, 2012
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    I listened to streaming radio via bluetooth headphones for about a half hour. This seems terribly bad to me. I also have it down to 90% on only 59 minutes off battery right now.

    This started when I loaded Newts RLs5.8 and the patch to 5.1. However, last night I loaded the newest version of RAGE and am having the same results.

    Anybody have any ideas? I was thinking about possibly doing a full RUU to see if I messed something up somewhere. Could clearing battery stats do anything? I've heard that clearing battery stats isn't really an important thing?



  2. scotty85

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    Jul 25, 2010
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    That doesn't sound particularly terrible to me... It takes me 2-3 batteries to.get thru the day with similar heavy useage. In my case,its a lot of screen on time,and 2-4 hours of Bluetooth phone calls. I generally get 5-6 hours out of a stock battery with my typical useage.

    Wish I had a a better answer for ya,but battery life is not a rezounds best quality ;)

    Of course i get better if I don't use it much.sitting in WiFi it will get 20+ hours if I don't pester it. But anything using the radio,or keeping the screen on sucks the juice down fast!

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