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Terribly Troublesome TetheringRoot (Browse All)

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  1. hooah212002

    hooah212002 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 31, 2010
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    I rooted my Droid X successfully and have been trying to get wireless tethering to work for a few days now. I have tried both Barnacle and Wireless Tether. My laptop is running Ubuntu 10.04 and it can see the device (both apps) and attempt to connect. However, it will not actually make the connection. I do have a wireless router at home that connects no problem. Also, I was able to connect if I changed the IPv4 settings to either "Link-Local Only" or "Shared to other computers", both of which obviously garnered no 'net access.

    If this seems more of a Linux issue, I apologize. Although, I am thinking it may have something to do with the DHCP pool or something.


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