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  1. jyxent

    jyxent New Member

    I've made a test build which disables the framebuffer console in the kernel, which may have been causing the black screen on wake issues. It can be downloaded here:

    Edit: URL Removed. Just got the black screen issue in my testing.

    This is just the jiilik v008 ROM, using the stock kernel without framebuffer console. Apparently there is a known issue with qualcomm and the framebuffer console, which I noticed a Cyanogenmod dev mention here:


    I've just started testing, so I'm not sure yet if it helps, but I thought I'd stick it here in case anyone wants to test.

    The screen will flash on and off repeatedly at the beginning of the boot process.

  2. dkelley

    dkelley Active Member

    cool! I'll be interested to try this on my wife's phone. She's grown very good and rebooting into recovery and wiping dalvik by herself now...
  3. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Hunh. Interesting find, too bad it didn't pan out. ;) I'm hoping LG releases v20B, I currently have a v10D and a v20a phone to play around with...
  4. dkelley

    dkelley Active Member

    too bad! it's looking more and more like a different phone might be required in my wife's life. She loves the keyboard, hates the stability issues, and hates the terrible autocorrect that was introduced with 2.3 (2.1 was much better in all those ways).

    oh well. we'll hang on a while longer in case you have any other ideas... and your hard work and endurance are so appreciated by us and the entire shine plus community sir!

    thanks for trying :)
  5. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Girlfriend = Same feelings towards 2.3. She called Fido last week to modify her plan and she almost upgraded to the Xperia Pro to get rid of this phone... But now she's running a v10D phone, kept the v20a for myself. So all is well. :D Link2SD makes the old phone bearable...
  6. BabblingCamel

    BabblingCamel Member

    Unfortunately the issue is most likely with the wifi driver. I can pretty much deliberately cause my phone to black screen by streaming video or transferring large amounts of data over wifi; It simply loses its connection after a certain amount of time (usually about 10 minutes) and by that point I know that if I press the sleep button and attempt to wake it back up again it simply black screens. This, as much as it sucks, happens pretty much every time I turn on wifi after a while. The time in which it takes to crash seems to depend on how much data you have transferred and/or the rate of data being transferred.

    EDIT: Another thing to note is that if you restart the phone after the wifi driver has crashed (but the sleep button has not yet been pressed so as to avoid the black screen), once the phone has restarted it will still black screen if you press the sleep button, and wifi driver will still not work. Pretty much the only way to solve the issue through my experience is to pull the battery.

    Such a shame that LG couldn't get their crap together software-wise; Other than the black screen/wifi issue this is a very solid phone.
  7. jparasite

    jparasite Well-Known Member

    Has anyone been able to compile the stock ROM from source (not just the kernel)?
  8. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    The problem with compiling the stock ROM is the fact the source isn't complete. There are some third party device driver code missing, so even if you do compile it you'll be missing some files from what I understand. I know Jiilik managed to compile source once, not sure. But he's pretty gone now. ;)
  9. jparasite

    jparasite Well-Known Member

    It's the same problem I faced. I can't finish a complete compile of LG's provided source code, as they have some effed up version of WebKit in the source.

    I actually tried using the stock WebKit source available in AOSP and managed a compile, but I would repeatedly get a bootloop ;_;. I can do alot more customizations if I was actually able to compile rather than edit Dalvik instructions by hand.

    Found a resource: http://devtcg.blogspot.com/2009/03/building-running-and-debugging-android.html

    I will attempt this whenever I have some free time. Coding/compiling in a Linux VM is a royal PITA.

    In that case, one of the things I've been putting off is compiling ONLY system/framework as there are a few changes I can actually make to the various power menus.
  10. jparasite

    jparasite Well-Known Member

    Looks like mmm frameworks/base won't work without a full build which right now is impossible to do with the source LG has released.

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