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  1. dozer5900

    dozer5900 Well-Known Member

    Whats with everyone getting in test mode. Is it some updates or what? Why does it happen?

  2. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    No clue why it happens. It's happened on rooted, unrooted phones and most people say their phone will freeze, they pull the battery and boot back up and find that they are in test mode. Test mode is also achieved when downgrading or upgrading and you unplug your phone during the process from which you have to use "phonebook recovery" to get the phone back up. This throws it into test mode automatically. So I think its a security thing of some sorts but that's only a guess. I have no clue. I know it sucks. lol
  3. ChristianOrtiz

    ChristianOrtiz Well-Known Member

    My 4G is working but the "searching for service " is there I had just changed my ROM, I can't make calls and only 4G works 3G does not

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