Testing games not in market. ie dh3

  1. penth8329

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    After obtaining root i decided i wanted to see games and apps not shown in play. so off t build.prop. by editing the device and make to gt-i9100 and samsung using editor found on market. i wasnt able to download from market. but when i got apk and went to download sd files it worked. and finish downloads of dh3 and nova 2 with no glitches yet. will continue testing and see if i can get play to show gameloft and others to show. might have to change build.prop to another device for asphalt and others. to edit build.prop use build.prop editor on play. then edit ro.product.model to gt-i9100 and ro.product.brand to samsung. post what games u have working:) remember editing of build.prop is at ur own risk.

    Edit: order and chaos works smooth. And modern combat 3 still nit cooperating. Keeps restarting app. Will try to work on this. Figured out how to optimize games shown on market. Had to change build.prop items to these, just look for these and change. leave all other lines untouched:

    ro.build.description=GT-I9100-user 4.0.3 IML74K XWLP4 release-keys


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