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tether help please...

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  1. essenceof1

    essenceof1 New Member

    have rooted photon with BB and SU. tether worked for a few days, then i tried to figure out how to usb tether and everything took a crap. I am still rooted and verified with root check,i re-installed binaries, and wifi tether but now it tries to open the hotspot. when tether is running everything shows as being connected but nothing will display the web page...
    so, is it the settings on my network or some gremlin on the photon?
    should i re-root, try another rom or tether or what?
    I have been reading forums for a week and I am done reading 2 year old posts about irrelevant issues... somebody with some knowledge please post!
    thanks in advance.

  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide


    I'd try some of the apps available in the GOOGLE PLAY STORE,such as BARNACLE WI-FI TETHER,CLOCKWORKMOD TETHER,or FOX-FI.

    Keep us posted w/your results & once again,welcome to the MO'PHORUM!:thumb:
  3. essenceof1

    essenceof1 New Member

    Thanks kolio. I will post results.

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