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  1. dossamosas

    dossamosas New Member

    Is there any native support from HTC or Apple for a wired USB connection, since the Hotspot appears to be something I'll have to pay for soon?

    Or, a more basic question from a newbie - is there ANY way to bring internet access from the phone to a Macbook besides WiFi. If I'd realized that HTC doesn't make a version of the Sync software for Apples, I'd have reconsidered the purchase, but now I have the Macbook and the Thunderbolt and need to find a way to make them play nice with each other.

  2. jebrank

    jebrank Well-Known Member

    Root, some one will add it to a rom! I'll be waiting for CM7!
  3. androidisforporn

    androidisforporn Well-Known Member

    Easytether working well on 2010 MBP
  4. milan03

    milan03 VIP Member VIP Member

    Actually PdaNet works for non rooted Botl+Mac setups. Speeds are not as good as when you use Internet Connection Mode on a PC since the bandwidth is shared between your phone and android, but much better than WiFi.

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